How Do Cats Say Sorry? 4 Ways Cat Apologize to Their Owners

Cat’s can be a pain in the ass, and most likely, they will break items that are dear to you or ruin furniture. They could also hurt you by scratching you or annoy you with their undesirable behavior. But because you have a bond that makes you and your pet a family. Have you also wondered if they feel sorry for all the mess they’ve made? And if they do, how do cats say sorry?

Cat’s say sorry by being affectionate & loving to you. They will be approaching you, head rubbing, cuddling, or purring  you when they feel that you are already calmed and relaxed. They could also initiate playtime or speak with you. Your feline friend wants to feel that you still adore and love them. In addition, they want you to be happy and stress-free.

Do Cats Feel Guilty?

Cat’s don’t feel guilty like how guilt means on Humans. Your feline friend isn’t just wired that way. But why do they have a look on their face as if they are guilty of what they did?

The look on their face is probably out of fear or sadness. But, there may be a time before that your fur baby has caused damage. For instance, they have knocked out a precious vase in your living room, and you found out that it is your cats doing. So, you reprimanded your cat, you raised your voice, and you started punishing them. The fear of that moment may have lingered on their system. When a similar thing happens, they will remember all the punishment that makes them think it is about to come due to their doing. 

If you think that they are guilty of what they did, then it’s not. Your feline pet is more likely afraid of all the yelling and the punishment.


4 Ways Cat Apologize to Their Owners

Here are ways a cat will show you when they want to apologize and make up for all the clumsiness and mess they have caused in your house. 

Please note that the moment you are still furious, the fastest move they could do is to run away and hide from you. A cat will do this, primarily if they are not used to your angry self. 

1. Approach You

The best thing your cat can do is to approach you lovingly. Your feline friend could slowly sit beside you and just be with you. Most likely, they will test the water first if you are still mad at them or not.

They could also talk to you, especially if they are cats that are vocal and expressive in their emotions. You may not understand the constant meow, but they will try to communicate with you. Usually, cats get confused with things in their owner’s mood. One thing for sure is that they want to make their owners smile and feel happy again.

2. Head Rubbing

Another thing a cat shows that they are sorry is through head rubbing. You are probably accustomed to this act, especially if your cat is the sweetest cat of all. They will rub your legs, hands, feet, or any parts of your body.  

If your cat started to do that after being away because of what they’ve done, it would be helpful if you don’t shoo them out, but you validate the act through patting their heads accompanied by praises that they used to hear.

3. Purring

When a dog wags its tails, a cat can do purring as well. Purring is a slow vocalization on cats; the soothing soft voice means they are happy and content. Thus, when a cat comes purring at you, most likely they want to say sorry after the terrible things they’ve done.

4. Blinking Slowly 

Some say that Cat blinking slowly is a sign of love; others say it is equivalent to a cat’s kiss. It may be true or not; the meaning of them blinking at you slowly is because they trust you. Therefore, if they have done something wrong and go near you flashing, they show affection and love. Better cuddle them in return because accidents happen all the time.

Now, you know how a cat says they are sorry in the cutest possible way. But, you should also know the things that an average person does because it is in their nature. Therefore, you should give them understanding and love because, above all, they are just cats and not humans.

Ordinary Cat Acts You Shouldn’t Be Mad About

1. Running at Night

Do you also feel annoyed with your cat always running at night? Instead of getting mad, you have to let this past because they are probably chasing rats, and it’s expected that they will roam around the house.

2. Furniture Scratching

Cat’s have a way of communicating with other cats through scent and scratches. Most likely, they will leave their mark or territory by doing it. Yes, it could be annoying, especially if you love wood furniture in the house, but you can buy a woodblock wherein you will have to train your cat to do scratches there instead of your wood furniture.

3. Can’t be Left Alone

You can’t leave some cats alone; research on the cat’s breed first before buying one because most probably they are cat breeds that can’t be alone and will need constant attention from their owners.

If you are left alone in the house, they will cause havoc in your home. Thus, to avoid this, give your cat company at home or, better yet, choose cats that are independent and introverted.

Cats may be uncaring animals, especially at times that they feel energetic and alive. Usually, if they feel hype and active, they will forget that they are in your loving home and will do stuff that can mess your house. To keep an intact relationship, be receptive to their sweet sorry and give them your most adorable smile. Cuddle them and make them feel loved. In addition, set some disciplinary rules for your cat. It takes a lot of training and patience, but at least you will have a disciplined cat at home.