Do Ragdoll Cats Get Along With Dogs: Ragdolls and Dogs As Companions

Ragdoll cats are perfect companions for dogs. They’re both friendly animals that love to be around people and other pets. They’re also patient and gentle with young children, making them perfect family companions. So if you’re looking for a friendly pet that’s not too active, ragdolls might be the right choice!

Reasons Why Ragdolls and Dogs Get Along

They Get Along Well With Everyone

Ragdolls make great companions for people of all ages. They are gentle and social animals who enjoy playtime as much as they do any other activity. Plus, their relaxed temperament means that ragdoll cats don’t get triggered by dogs like some other cat breeds might.

This makes them excellent pets for households with multiple dog owners or anyone who doesn’t want to be bothered by constant fights between pet animals. In fact, on average, ragdoll cats and dogs get along really well!

Right Personality

Ragdoll cats are known for their gentle and passive personality, which makes them good around dogs. Because of this, they get along well with other animals and will be in charge while the dog follows along. These lazy felines enjoy playing fetch as much as cuddling, so these two can share plenty of activities without drama!

Ragdoll Cats Often Act Like Dogs

Ragdoll cats are often thought of as doglike, gentle pets. They can be pretty close with dogs – many ragdoll cats act like purebred dogs! Providing plenty of playtime and socialization is essential for keeping your ragdoll cat safe and comfortable around other animals.

Ragdolls usually get along well with other pets in the family, making them an excellent choice for people who want to keep their dog or cat together without animosity.

Sturdy Cats

Ragdoll cats are a sturdy breed of cat that is known for its docile temperament and thick fur coat. These cats don’t get scared quickly, and as such, they make great household pets. They also tend to be friendly with dogs and don’t mind being around them. However, Ragdolls should always be supervised around large dogs as these felines can be defensive if provoked.

Calm and Relaxed

Ragdoll cats make great companions for dogs and are calm and relaxed animals who love to be around people and other animals. Unlike some cat breeds that try to dominate their dog companions or bark excessively, ragdolls want to be loved, making them a perfect choice for homes with multiple pets – each pet will get plenty of attention from Ragdoll cats!


Ragdolls are incredibly social animals that need human interaction to feel happy. They love it so much that some ragdoll owners have even said their dogs sit around while their ragdolls play – they don’t seem to get involved!

Ragdoll cats and dogs get along well because both species understand each other’s signals and behavior patterns. As long as your dog is adequately supervised when playing with a ragdoll, you won’t have to worry about them attacking or harming the cat in any way!

Dog Breeds for a Home With a Ragdoll Cat

Golden Retriever

If you’re looking for a breed of dog that is gentle and easy to care for, the Golden Retriever may be a good option. They are also obedient, which means your cat will not have to worry about being restrained all the time. It’s also great news if you’re planning on potty training your cat- they usually take to it quickly! So if you’re thinking of adding one to your family, don’t hesitate – give golden retrievers a try!


Beagle puppies might be the perfect breed if you’re looking for a gentle and easy-to-train dog. They don’t have a lot of energy, so they won’t require too much exercise or attention from their owners and are good around kids – making them great house pets.

Some beagles can also be trained to perform basic tasks such as sit, stay, come, and fetch. Make sure your prospective dog’s size is appropriate for your cat first before bringing him home – some Beagles are pretty big, while others may well be small enough to scare off your cat!


Pug dogs are gentle and playful companions that make great pets for Ragdoll cats. They are also excellent watchdogs, so getting a dog compatible with your other animals is essential. So if you’re planning on getting one as a pet, research which pugs are the best match for ragdoll cat behavior – some may be more destructive than others!

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

If you are looking for a dog that can get along well with your Ragdoll cat, the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is a great option. They are gentle and loving dogs who will be good companions for your cat. However, before choosing one, check its size against your cat’s – some breeds of this dog may be aggressive towards them.

Labrador Retriever

Labrador retrievers are one of the most popular dog breeds on the planet and for a good reason! They’re gentle giants that love to please their owners. Not only are labs terrific with cats, but they also have a lot of energy – perfect for someone who wants an active pet.

Since labs can be quite playful, you’ll need to set some rules and boundaries early to avoid clashes between your cat and dog. And remember, plenty of mental stimulation – Labs get bored just as quickly as humans do!

Irish Wolfhound

Irish wolfhounds are a breed that is known for their gentle nature and compatibility with other pets in the home. As a watchdog, they make excellent watchdogs as they are very vocal and will bark to scare away intruders. Other than dogs, Irish Wolfhounds do not get along with other animals, so be sure to keep them isolated when introducing them to your Ragdoll cat.