Do Persian Cats Eat Mice: List of Cat Breeds That Hunt Mice

Yes, Persian cats will hunt small animals such as mice and rats. Female Persian cats are better hunters than other cats because they have a keen sense of smell. Female Persian cats’ hunting instinct is often compared to that of a bloodhound due to their uncanny ability to track down prey in dense, dark environments. For example, a female Persian cat wants her to keep hunting as part of her natural behavior!

Training a Persian Cat to Hunt

Training a cat to hunt can be tricky, but it can be successful with the right approach and patience. Start by rewarding your cat when they catch a mouse. Ensure the mouse is small enough so your cat can easily swallow it.

You may also want to try different settings – inside and outside, during the day and at night. And finally, be consistent with your training – make sure you are always there to reinforce what you have taught them.

You need a few critical tools for success: a bird feeder, a toy mouse, and piece of chicken or ham. As your cat catches more mice, gradually decrease the number of small prey items in the feeder and add some meaty mice instead. Monitor your cat’s hunting patterns carefully so that you can adjust training as needed – sometimes, cats will catch more animals when they hunt in packs!

Cat Breeds for Hunting Mice


The Siamese is one of the best cats for hunting mice. It has a long and slender body that makes it agile in pursuit of prey, as well as very sharp incisors that help it tear apart its game. Its tail is also specially adapted for hunting – it can act as a whip to stun the prey and then kill it with a bite to the spinal cord. The Siamese should be at the top of your list if you’re looking for a cat perfect for hunting mice!

Maine Coon

As one of the oldest domesticated cats, the Maine Coon is known for its hunting skills – specifically its ability to catch mice. These cats are effective at catching small rodents and make great pets thanks to their gentle nature and affectionate personality towards people and other animals.

American Shorthair

American shorthairs have long tails, sharp claws, and excellent hearing making them very good at catching prey. They can be trained to use litter boxes and other indoor facilities, but housebreaking them may be more challenging than you think!


If you’re looking for a cat that is good at hunting, the Manx may be perfect. They are agile and quick-footed, making them excellent at moving quickly through tight spaces. They don’t have a strong prey drive and usually catch mice by lurking around them or jumping on top of them. As long as your home is littered with plenty of mouseholes, the Manx will love nothing more than catching one!

Japanese Bobtail

Japanese bobtails have a wide range of colors that makes them hard to spot in the forest, and they’re also known to be friendly animals who love playing with their owners. As long as you provide enough toys, Japanese Bobtails will get along great with other pets in your home – cats or dogs.


For this purpose, Chartreux cats are a hunting breed of cat bred in France. They are very active and have an obsession with mice. Their dense coat helps them stay warm in cold weather, and their agile movements help them catch their prey quickly. Do not let your cat hunt wild animals – it can be dangerous for the cat and the animal.

Turkish Angora

This cat breed is derived from Turkey and is known for being highly intelligent and skilled at hunting small rodents such as mice and rats. They are also good at catching birds, so if you have pet birds or enjoy shooting them with your gun, this breed could be perfect!

Additionally, they make great apartment cats because they aren’t as territorial as some other breeds (although they do need plenty of room to run) and don’t mind living in close quarters with humans.


Bengals have a slim build that makes them hard to spot when hunting, and they have quick reflexes, which helps them catch prey easily. So if you want a cat that is easy to take care of and can be relied upon for catching pests, the Bengal is worth considering! Make sure to feed your Bengal well to keep up its hunting skills!


Chausie cats are a medium to large breed of excellent hunters. They love the outdoors and enjoy hunting small prey like mice, rats, birds, etc. This active breed can also be quite interesting – so suitable for families with children who want a cat that’s always up for some playtime! Chausies usually have long lives and are very hardy cats – perfect for those who love spending time outside!


The Abyssinian is a very active cat breed and good at hunting mice and other small animals. Ensure your cat has plenty of toys to keep them entertained while they’re not hunting!

American Curl

These playful cats have long tails and are very agile – making them hard to catch. Plus, they make great house pets as they are low maintenance and easy to train. So if you’re hunting rats or other small animals in your building, an American curl may be just what you need!


The Cymric cat breed has an athletic build and strong hunting instinct, which means it will catch prey successfully. However, this breed can be territorial and may not get along well with other cats in your home – so make sure to keep them isolated if necessary.


Burmese cats are stealthy, have quick reflexes, and have long fur that keeps them warm in cold climates. Their tail helps them maintain balance when catching prey. Some other great cat breeds for hunting mice include the Siamese and Ragdoll cats.