Do Bengal Cats Sleep With You: Bengal Cats Sleeping Habits

Bengal cats, like all cats, can be independent animals and may not always want to sleep with their owners. However, some Bengal cats may develop a close bond with their owners and choose to sleep with them. Many Bengal cats may want to sleep next to their owners or on their owners’ laps. But it also depends on the cat’s personality, and some may prefer to sleep alone.

Reasons Why Bengal Cats Sleep With You

Bengal cats are known for their affectionate nature and may sleep on people out of love or to keep them warm. Bengal cats may also sleep on people if they are feeling stressed or anxious. This behavior is not unique to Bengal cats but is more familiar with this cat breed. 


Bengal cats are known for their love of human warmth and will often sleep on people to keep warm. They are typically friendly and calm cats that do not require much attention, making them ideal pets for someone who wants to focus on their work or studies but still has a cat in the home. 


Bengal cats like to be close to other cats and humans as they provide them security and comfort. Bengal cats often sleep on people or other cats as protection. They exhibit this behavior when they are feeling insecure or if they are protecting their owners from harm. In addition to sleeping on people or other cats, Bengal cats enjoy being petted and scratched. 


  • Safety and security: Cats often seek warm and cozy places to sleep, and your body heat may provide a comfortable and safe environment. They might also feel more secure sleeping near you.
  • Scents: Cats have a strong sense of smell and may be attracted to your scent. They may also feel more comfortable sleeping on you because they associate your scent with safety and security.
  • Attention: Your Bengal cat may want to sleep on you to be close to you and to be able to receive attention and affection.
  • Habit: Once your Bengal cat starts sleeping on you, it can become a habit, and it may continue to do so even if you move or change positions.

Reasons Why Bengal Cats Don’t Sleep With You

  • Personal preference: Some cats may prefer to sleep alone or in their own space and may not feel comfortable sleeping on or near you.
  • Temperature preference: Some cats may prefer a more relaxed place to sleep, and your body heat may not be comfortable.
  • Health concerns: If your cat is experiencing pain or discomfort, it may not want to sleep on you. Consult your veterinarian if you suspect your cat has an underlying health issue.
  • Lack of trust: If your cat is new to your home, or if you have recently adopted them, they may still need to trust you enough to sleep on you. It takes time for cats to build trust and feel comfortable around new people.
  • Stress or anxiety: If your Bengal cat is experiencing stress or anxiety, it may not feel comfortable sleeping on you or near you. Identifying and addressing the underlying cause of stress is essential.

Encouraging Your Bengal Cat to Sleep With You

Some Bengal cats enjoy being held. However, you must ask your feline friend if they don’t seem happy with the idea before holding them. If your cat isn’t enjoying a prolonged cuddle session, stop and try another activity instead. There are a few things you can do to encourage your Bengal cat to sleep with you:

  • Create a comfortable sleeping area: Provide your cat with a cozy bed or blanket in a warm and inviting area.
  • Bonding time: Spend with your Bengal cat, playing and cuddling with them during the day. This will help to build trust and strengthen your bond.
  • Consistency: Establish a consistent sleeping routine to help your Bengal cat feel safe and secure.
  • Allow them to choose: Some Bengal cats prefer to sleep alone, while others want to sleep with you. Respect your cat’s preference and allow them to sleep with you or in their own space.

Sleeping Arrangement of Bengal Cat

The Bengal cat’s daily sleeping schedule is genetically determined and cannot be changed. Despite their sleeping habits, Bengals can be trained to sleep indoors on a cat bed or a cat-bedded cat carrier. Bengal cats are known for their high energy levels and love playing outdoors. As such, they tend to sleep less than other breeds of cats.

Sleeping Area

Bengal cats are active at night and may need a separate sleeping area from humans. Kittens typically sleep 16 to 18 hours daily, so providing them with a comfortable sleeping environment is essential. If your cat is not using the designated sleeping area, try putting a bed in the bedroom for them to sleep on. However, there are tendencies that your Bengal cat will scratch your bed or furniture. To avoid that, provide your Bengal cat with an appropriate scratching surface for them.

You can also train your cat to use a designated sleeping area by rewarding them when they use it. You can also set up a “sleep station” where you can put the cat when you are not home to ensure they have a comfortable place to sleep. This way, you can help your cat get the sleep it needs and enjoy its safe and comfortable sleeping environment.

​Bed Preferences

There are many different types of Bengal cats, and each may have different bed preferences. Some Bengals prefer sleeping on the floor next to their human’s bed, while others enjoy cat trees or elevated areas of the home. Some Bengals may prefer sleeping in a specific spot in the bedroom, such as by the bed or near the window.

Daylight Sleep

Bengal cats, like all cats, are crepuscular animals. According to High Park Nature Center, crepuscular animals are most active during dawn and dusk. However, they can sleep at any time and often take multiple short naps throughout the day.

Bengal cats are known to be very active and playful, and they may spend a lot of their waking hours hunting, playing, and exploring. They may also spend a significant amount of time grooming themselves.

It’s essential to provide your Bengal cat with a comfortable and safe sleeping area where they can rest and sleep during the day. This could be a cozy bed or blanket in a quiet, secure room. It’s also essential to provide your Bengal cat with plenty of interactive toys and activities to keep them mentally and physically stimulated when awake.