Do Bengal Cats Get Along With Dogs: What You Need to Know About Bengal Cats and Dogs

Yes, Bengal cats can get along with dogs if they are properly introduced and socialized. As with any animal, it depends on the individual personalities of the cat and the dog. Some Bengal cats may be more outgoing and accepting of dogs, while others may be more reserved and prefer to avoid them. Supervising interactions between a Bengal cat and a dog is essential to ensure their safety.

Things to Consider When Introducing Bengal Cats to Dogs


The age of a Bengal cat can play a role in how well they get along with a dog. Kittens are generally more adaptable and may be more open to accepting a new companion, whether a cat or a dog. 

Adult cats may be more set in their ways and may have a more challenging time adjusting to a new companion, especially if they have not socialized with other animals from a young age. However, it’s not a strict rule, and it also depends on the individual cat’s personality and the dog’s behavior. 


When considering new pets to bring into your home, conducting thorough research about their personality is essential. The personality of a Bengal cat can play a significant role in how well they get along with a dog. Some cats are naturally outgoing and friendly and may be more likely to accept a new companion. On the other hand, some cats may be more reserved, prefer to be alone, and not take a new companion well. 

Social Animals

According to WebMD, Bengal cats are social animals that can be introduced to dogs at a young age for optimal success. While Bengal cats are typically gentle with people and other pets, they may be aggressive if they are startled or threatened. Dogs should be supervised around Bengal cats, as they may try to play too rough. 

Before bringing a Bengal cat home, it is essential to learn about its specific behavior, so make sure you research first. For example, if you consider adding a Bengal cat to your family, read up on their behavior and personalities first and ensure the two species get along well.

Territorial Needs

Bengal cats and dogs may not get along due to different territorial needs. Bengal cats are naturally independent and may be uncomfortable with a dog constantly trying to occupy its space. This can lead to tensions between the cat and dog, especially if one is a pet owner used to having free reign of their home. 

On the other hand, dogs usually have a more receptive personality and may be more comfortable getting along with another pet in the household. So if you’re considering getting a Bengal cat or dog, it’s essential to understand their tendencies and ensure their personalities will mesh.

Tips When Introducing a Bengal Cat to Dogs

Give Your Cat a Safe Room

It is vital to provide your cat with a safe room to ensure they are not startled by the presence of a new dog. This safe room can be in a different part of your home or a separate building altogether. It should be large enough for your cat to roam and contain toys, food, and water. 

In addition, socializing your cat regularly and providing them with opportunities to meet different types of dogs can help them feel more comfortable around new animals in the household. Therefore, it is essential to avoid forcing your cat into a situation where it may feel threatened or frightened.

Scent Swapping

Bengal cats and dogs have different scent receptors, making the introduction tricky. Therefore, it’s essential to allow the cat time to adjust to the new smell before introducing the dog. 

If the dog is aggressive or persistent, it may be best to leave them alone. Instead, you can try swapping by placing a small amount of Bengal cat’s smell on a piece of clothing or toy and then placing it near the dog. This way, you can help the Bengal cat and dog become more familiar with each other’s smell. 

Face-to-Face Introduction (Without a Barrier)

Introducing a cat to a dog can be a traumatic experience for both parties. Therefore, approaching the introduction face-to-face without barriers, such as a fence or door, is crucial. This will help to minimize the chances of aggression from either party. 

If the introduction goes well, you can gradually introduce the dog to other members of the cat’s family over time. By approaching the introduction face-to-face and ensuring there are no barriers, you can reduce the possibility of conflict between these two species.

Dog Breeds That Get Along With Bengal Cats

Golden Retriever

Bengal cats and Golden Retrievers are active and playful, making them a good match. Golden Retrievers are usually good with other dogs, and they may be able to teach the Bengal cat some tricks. 

In addition, it’s essential to give the cat and dog plenty of time to get acquainted before adding new pets. If introduced gradually and given plenty of time to get to know each other, Bengal cats and Golden Retrievers can form a loving feline-canine duo.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel dogs are known to be good cat companions and are intelligent, social, and playful, making them an excellent match for cat-friendly households. 

Cavaliers have a gentle and affectionate nature, which makes them great with cats. They can be trained to play with cats or be calm when they are around, making it easy for cat owners not to worry about their pets being aggressive or violent towards their dogs. 

Additionally, cavaliers are excellent at calming down cats that may be out of control or aggressive. This makes it possible for cat owners to enjoy their cat and dog together without worrying about safety or behavior issues.


Bengal cats and Beagles are small and active dog breeds that love playing. Bengal cats and beagles tend to be good-natured dogs that get along well with other pets in the family, including Bengal cats. As cat owners know all too well, Bengal cats can be highly territorial and may not always appreciate having another pet in the household. 


Pugs and Bengal cats share many common personality traits, making them friendly companions. Pugs are typically low-maintenance pets that can thrive in a home with other pet animals. They are known for their playful and affectionate personalities and get along well with other cat and dog breeds but may be wary of dogs that are too aggressive or aggressive towards the cat.

Bichon Frise

Bengal cats can live with Bichon Frise if adequately introduced and socialized. As with any animal, it depends on the individual personalities of the cat and the dog. Some Bengal cats may be more outgoing and accepting of dogs, while others may be more reserved and prefer to avoid them. Additionally, the size and temperament of the dog can also play a role in how well they get along with the cat.

Labrador Retriever

Labrador Retrievers are among the most popular dog breeds that get along well with Bengal cats. These playful and gentle animals will enjoy playing with and cuddling with your cat. They are also intelligent and easy to train, making them an excellent choice for a family with children. Labrador Retrievers make ideal companions for cat owners due to their friendly and high-energy personalities.

Basset Hound

Basset hounds are a friendly breed of dog that gets along well with Bengal cats. They are patient and tolerant of other animals in the family, making them good candidates for families with young children. Basset hounds are also suitable for families who live in an apartment because they do not require a lot of space to be happy and comfortable. They can be easily kept indoors and take up little room.