Do Abyssinian Cats Like Water: Understanding the Abyssinian’s Water Affinity

Yes, Abyssinian cats like water. Many Abyssinian cats enjoy playing in the water and happily swim around in a pool or fountain. This is because of their ability to adapt to water and swim naturally. This is also a way for them to stay active and engage in fun activities. However, like many other breeds, they can have varying water tolerance levels.

Most Abyssinian cats may enjoy playing in the water and taking baths, while others may dislike it. It’s not uncommon for cats to dislike baths, so it’s essential to introduce them to water gradually and make the experience as positive as possible. You can do this by providing a shallow bowl of water for them to play with or giving them a damp cloth to play with.

Abyssinian Cats and Their Water Affinity

They Love Water

Most cats hate the water, but Abyssinian cats are especially fond of it. They are natural swimmers who can swim in rivers and lakes. They enjoy the water for the security it provides them. The water keeps them safe from predators and sustains their bodies as they hunt or forage for food.

As domestic cats, Abyssinian cats are willing to take a dip if they’re introduced to it gradually. If your cat does not seem interested in swimming, it is best not to tempt him by putting a pool or fountain in his home. 

Instead, try filling a small pot or bowl with water and placing it near the cat’s bed or favorite spot. This will allow him to slowly get used to swimming without immediately forcing him into the water. It may take patience and persistence, but eventually, your cat will love the idea of swimming.


Abyssinian cats are known for their athletic abilities and love of water. They enjoy swimming and playing in the water. If your cat enjoys swimming, it is essential to provide plenty of opportunities for them to do so. Cats often like to swim in small or kiddie pools, but they may also enjoy swimming in a larger pool if given a chance. 

Abyssinian cats enjoy playing in the bathtub. Some Abyssinian cats enjoy dabbling on the water’s surface. If your cat likes to swim, you should provide a safe place for her to do so. This can be as simple as putting a cat pool in your backyard or as extravagant as building a cat swimming pool in your home.

An effective way to ensure their safety and enjoyment while swimming is to provide a large enough pool for them to swim in comfortably. It’s also helpful to watch for any signs of drowning (such as lapsing underwater or struggling) and take appropriate action. This can include rescues from the side or bottom of the pool or calling the cat’s owner if you notice any troubled behavior.


Despite their love for the water, Abyssinian cats typically do not need frequent baths as they have short, sleek coats that are relatively easy to maintain. They are known to be meticulous groomers and will groom themselves regularly. 

However, you can give them a quick rinse now and then if their coat is especially greasy or if they have recently had an episode of vomiting or diarrhea. When bathing your Abyssinian cat, it’s essential to use a mild, cat-specific shampoo and ensure that the water is not too hot or cold. It would help if you were careful not to get water in their ears or eyes.

Gently massage the shampoo into your cat’s coat and avoid getting water in their eyes or ears. Use a cup or a minor pitcher to pour water over your cat instead of using a hose or shower head. To make it even more enjoyable, give your cat a treat or a favorite toy after the bath to create a positive association with the experience. 

Cat Breeds That Like Water Aside From Abyssinians


Many Bengal cats enjoy playing in the water and may even seek water sources independently. They like splashing in the water, and some even enjoy swimming. Their coat is not as water-repellent as some other breeds, but they are okay with getting wet.

Bengal cats also appreciate showers and baths, and many will happily play in the water with their owners. However, as with any cat, it’s essential to introduce them to water gradually and make the experience as positive as possible.

This breed is usually comfortable with water, but it’s essential to ensure they stay safe and comfortable while enjoying the splash. If your cat is interested in swimming, you can take small steps such as providing toys to play with while near the water or providing shelter from the sun.

Turkish Van

The Turkish Van is a cat born with a water-loving gene. The breed’s affinity for water is so pronounced that they are also known as the “Swimming Cat.” This trait is due to their origins in the Lake Van region of Turkey. This area is known for its high temperatures, and the local villagers likely bred the cats to have a natural affinity for swimming and playing in the water to stay calm.

Additionally, Their thick, water-repellent coat is another trait that would have helped them survive and thrive in their native environment. This coat would have provided insulation against the lake’s cold water while also helping them stay buoyant while swimming.

It’s also possible that the breed’s love of water is partly due to genetics and environmental factors. For example, some Turkish Van cats may have inherited the trait from their ancestors, who lived near the lake and had to swim to survive.

This cat loves to drink from any water source, whether from a faucet or bathtub. Turkish van’s daily routine includes drinking water, and he especially enjoys drinking from the faucet in his cat breeders’ home. 


Savannah cats are one of the breeds that are water-friendly. They are a breed of domestic cat that is a cross between a serval and a domestic cat. They have wild appearances and energetic personalities, enjoy playing in the water, and may even be able to swim well. 

While many Savannah cats have a natural inclination to love water, it’s yet to be known why this is the case. One theory is that their wild ancestor, the serval, is a hunter known to use water to catch fish. Their genetics may have passed this hunting behavior to Savannah cats. Another theory is that Savannah cats may enjoy being in the water because it helps cool them down.

However, it’s important to note that Savannah cats aren’t the best choice if you live in a dry climate. These cats are especially susceptible to dehydration if they don’t have access to plenty of water all of the time.