Can a Ragdoll Cat Go Outside: Danger, Importance, and Tips When Bringing Your Ragdoll Cat Outside

Yes, Ragdoll cats can go outdoors, but it is generally best to keep them indoors or allow them to go outside only in a secure, enclosed area. Ragdolls are susceptible to dangerous wildlife poisoning and risk getting hit by a car or lost. They are accessible to cold weather, which can lead to health problems if not correctly taken care of. If you must allow your cat outside, always keep them supervised!

Dangers of Letting a Ragdoll Cat Outside

They Aren’t Street-Smart

Ragdolls make great indoor cats, but they’re not street-smart and should be kept indoors only if supervised closely. They may get lost easily if allowed outdoors and are prone to accidents. Sunburnt or windburned Ragdoll faces look terrible! As indoor cats who love being around people and other pets, Ragdolls make great companions for cat owners.

Sensitive Stomachs

A Ragdoll cat’s stomach is too sensitive to digest the bacteria found in dirt and grass; these cats require a lot of attention from their owners – indoor living is ideal for them. In addition, Ragdolls are prone to problems breathing due to their short noses and long tongues, so regular vet checkups are recommended.


Ragdoll cats are susceptible to fleas and other parasites, which can harm their health. They also have a low body fat content, making them more prone to frostbite in cold weather. Ragdolls may look cute and cuddly, but they are not meant to live outside – they are strictly indoor cats!

They Are Wimps

Since Ragdolls are house pets, it is fair to say that they don’t do well outdoors. Ragdoll owners have often reported their pets becoming anxious and panicky when forced to leave the confines of their homes – even for a short period. 

Ragdolls also suffer from respiratory problems and cannot handle cold weather well. As such, these furry creatures would be best suited as indoor house pets who get plenty of exercise indoors (on a leash).


These problems include Feline Leukemia, Hyperthyroidism, and Urinary Tract Infections. It’s essential to keep your cat indoors to be safe from danger and always provide them with fresh water and food. If you let them outside, take plenty of caution and avoid walking them around the neighborhood at night.

Importance of Getting Ragdoll Cats Outside

Increases Self-Esteem

Ragdoll cats are naturally curious and love to explore their surroundings. Spending time outside with them helps them to feel more self-confident and content. In addition, it allows them to play, which is a vital part of their happiness and well-being.

Promotes Socialization

Taking your Ragdoll cat outside promotes socialization and helps them get plenty of exercises. Ragdolls are natural climbers, so going out allows them to explore their surroundings and play with other animals. This, in turn, keeps the cat healthy, happy, and indoor-free!

Form of Exercise

Taking your Ragdoll cat outside is a great way to get them some healthy exercise. Ragdoll cats are active animals and need to move around to stay healthy. You can also give them physical activity and playtime access by taking them outside. 

You must provide your cat with a good quality leash and a sturdy yard they can run around. Ensure they have plenty of fresh water while out – Ragdoll cats will drink quite a lot!

It Makes Vet Visits Easy

According to Purina, Ragdoll cats are naturally curious and need to explore their surroundings. Taking them outside will not only keep them healthy but also help strengthen their immune system. Regular vet visits become much more manageable when your cat is healthy and happy outdoors, as they won’t stress out as much during the visit. You can also teach your cat basic safety measures like not going near busy roads or cars.

Reduces Unwanted Behaviors

Ragdoll cats need to get outside to reduce the number of behaviors that occur when they are confined indoors. Exercising them helps improve their mood and behavior and reduces the risk of obesity or other health problems. 

Reduces Emotional Tension

Ragdoll cats are naturally timid and need to expend energy to feel happy. So, by taking your Ragdoll cat outside for some exercise, you’re helping them relieve stress and tension. In addition, it is essential to socialize with other animals and people so they can learn how to behave appropriately around others. 

Allows Them to Exhibit Natural Instincts

Taking your Ragdoll cat or dog outside allows them to exhibit their instincts: running and playing fetch with a ball, chasing each other around, digging holes in the ground, etc. This provides physical exercise (and therefore health benefits) and lets them stretch their bodies and release some energy – something significant for their mental health!

Relieves Boredom

Ragdoll cats are naturally curious and bored indoor creatures. So, taking them outside to play is a great way to relieve their boredom and keep them mentally stimulated. With plenty of space to run around, they can also explore their surroundings – which would be difficult to do inside the house. In addition, Ragdolls get some much-needed exercise outdoors which helps keep them physically fit.

Tips to Create Safe Outdoor Experiences for Ragdolls


To create a safe outdoor environment for your cat, install a catio – watch this video for more information. Catios are an excellent way to provide your Ragdoll with plenty of exercise and fresh air while keeping them safe from dangerous wildlife and other dangers. 

Keep an eye on your cat when outside – even if they’re inside their catio! And, if any mishap occurs, be prepared to take action quickly.

Screened Back Porches

A screened porch might be the perfect solution if you’re looking for an outdoor space that your Ragdoll cat can safely enjoy. These porches are typically built near the front or back of your home and are designed to keep cats safe from traffic and other disturbances. 

Depending on the layout of your porch, you can also set up a play area for your cat. This will give them plenty of room to run around and have fun without fear of getting into mischief.

Harness and Leash

Before you take your Ragdoll outdoors, get them adequately harnessed and leashed. This will ensure they are safe and can’t escape if something unexpected happens. It is also important to always supervise your cat outside – if they’re not managed, they may be tempted to run away! 

Fenced in Yard

Providing your cat with a fenced-in yard is an excellent way to ensure their safety and explore the surroundings safely. Ragdoll cats are naturally curious, so providing them with space to roam will help keep them entertained and healthy. It’s essential to ensure the fence is strong enough – cats can be pretty destructive if they get out of control. But like all other cats, Ragdoll cats may be able to jump fences or other obstacles if they are motivated to do so.