Best Cat to Get With a Dog: Choosing the Best Cat Breed for Your Dog

Birman cats should be on your list if you are looking for a cat that is friendly with people and dogs. This cat breed has an average lifespan of 9 to 15 years, so there’s no need to get a new one anytime soon! Their soft fur makes them the perfect cuddly companion for any dog owner.

Cat Breeds That Get Along With Dogs the Most

There are many options to choose from when it comes to getting a cat that gets along with dogs. Be sure to research each breed before deciding which one is right for your home, as each has its unique personality and temperament. Make sure to have fun doing it, too – cats love playing fetch and engaging in other activities with their canine friends!


Abyssinian is a breed of cat that is beloved for its long hair. This gentle and affectionate feline doesn’t get in the way when playing with dogs, making it an excellent choice for those with one or more pet dogs at home. It gets along well with other pets, including humans and cats, making it a wonderful family cat.


Bombay cat is one of the most famous cats around, and for a good reason – it has a lot to offer. From its long tail that helps keep it cool to its gentle nature around children, this cat is perfect for anyone looking for a companion. It also enjoys socializing with other pets in the house, so you can be assured that your pet will get along well with everyone in your home.

American Shorthair

American shorthairs are among the most popular cat breeds because they get along well with dogs. Many dog owners say their American Shorthair is better friends with their canine companion than any other cat breed!

Aside from being good friends with dogs, American shorthairs also make great indoor cats because they don’t require much exercise. If you provide them with enough toys and activities to keep them entertained, they will be happy and content.

Norwegian Forest Cat

If you’re looking for a cat perfect for a dog-friendly home, the Norwegian forest cat should be at the top of your list! These gentle and playful cats are affectionate and loving with their families, making them great friends for both dogs and cats. Plus, they get along wonderfully with other pets in your home – making them an ideal choice whether you have two furry companions!

Maine Coon

Maine Coon cats are one of the most popular cat breeds in the world. They’re known for their long fur, which helps them deal with colder weather well. Plus, they love to fetch games and be around people – making them great companions!

They can be slightly inconsistent initially, but once you get to know them better, you’ll see that these cats are friendly and fun-loving. They make great additions to any family as they are easy to get along with. Maine Coons even seem to develop strong relationships with dogs!


Ragdoll cats are one of the most popular cat breeds on the market, and there are good reasons for that! They’re active and playful, so they will keep your dog entertained. They usually don’t mind being handled, which makes them a perfect cuddle buddy for people living in apartments or condos. And if you’re looking for a cat that gets along well with dogs, Ragdoll cats are the breed for you!

Japanese Bobtail

If you’re looking for a breed of cat that gets along well with other animals and is always up for some fun, the Japanese Bobtail is a perfect choice! These cats are playful and gentle and love to play fetch. They make great pets for people with dogs as their regular companions – they get on very well together!


The Tonkinese might be the perfect option if you are looking for a gentle cat that gets along well with dogs. These cats typically have white coats and black eyes, making them quite distinctive. They are also very social animals, which makes them great family companions.

Tonkinese cats love to play, whether fetching toys or playing with their canine friends in the yard. If this sounds like your kind of feline friend, take a look at our selection today!

British Shorthair

The British Shorthair is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a cat that will get along well with your dog. One of the most common breeds is generally docile and friendly cats. They make great family pets and usually don’t mind other animals in the household, making them an ideal addition to any cat/dog family.

Turkish Angora

Turkish angoras are one of the most popular breeds of cats, for a good reason! They are not hypoallergenic, which means they usually suffer from allergies. In addition, Turkish angoras are great companions for people with other animals in their lives – they get along famously with dogs and love playing fetch.

Although they’re not as active as some other cat breeds, Turkish angora cats make up for it with their playful nature. So if you’re looking for a cat that will be active in your home rather than sitting around all day (like many Persians), then angora might be the breed for you!


If you are looking for a cat that is friendly to dogs, the sphinx might be the perfect breed for you! These cats have short hair, so they don’t shed as much as some other species and stay clean longer. They are also known to be intelligent and playful, making them great companions for both humans and dogs alike!

Sphynx cats usually remain calm around other animals – making them a perfect fit for your furry friend. So if you’re looking for an indoor cat that doesn’t require much attention, then the sphinx could be the right choice!


A Cymric breed is an excellent option if you want a cat that will get along well with your dog. These cats are also good at keeping an eye on the canine and ensuring they don’t go astray. Cymrics are playful, and they love playing fetch and being around people – making them great pets for someone who has plenty of time available to spend with them.


If you’re looking for a cat that will get along well with your dog, a Lykoi is one of the best breeds to consider! Not only are they friendly, but they are also playful and gentle. This makes them great family pets you can trust around other animals. As social cats, Lykois love interacting with people and other animals in their environment.

Australian Mist

Australian mist cats are a breed of cat that is known for its gentle and affectionate behavior. They love spending time with their canine friends and making great house pets. Additionally, they have a low energy level, making them perfect for people who want a low-maintenance pet. Australian mist cats get along well with other indoor pets, such as dogs and rabbits.