Are Snowshoe Cats Talkative?

Absolutely! Snowshoe Cats or originally known as “Silver Laces” are known to be very vocal just like their Siamese ancestors. Whenever they want to communicate their feelings with you, they will surely express themselves. Being chatty is innate to them, and for most cat lovers, this trait is fascinating. 

Cat lovers adore talking with their cats and Snowshoes are the best when it comes to responding. Although many people stereotype cats as selfish, snobbish, and unloving, the opposite is actually true, especially for the Snowshoes! Going home after a tiring day at work won’t be as stressful anymore when your little Snowshoe greets you at the door. Right away, expect your cat to boast of what she’s been up to while you were out.

Isn’t it great to own a Snowshoe especially if you live alone in your apartment? You would have someone to listen to your rants and you’ll definitely hear cute meow responses as if they are agreeing with everything you say. If you are thinking of getting this precious breed of feline, make sure you know first what to expect from it, how to take care of it, and more. Keep reading!

Do Snowshoe Cats Meow a Lot?

Snowshoe cats will cry a lot because they are inevitably unable to stand being left on their own, especially for long periods of time. If no one is home during the day, adopting or getting another cat will please your Snowshoe as they are extremely sociable.

Simply take note as well, that Snowshoes will not just meow because they feel lonely. If ever they feel that something is wrong or want something to be done for their pleasure, they will not hesitate to express their feelings. Until you figure out what bothers her, you must ready your ears for her constant bellowing.

One Snowshoe owner even shared her frustration as she endured two weeks of sleepless nights whilst training her furry pet not to sleep in her bedroom. Of course, this tenacious cat was against the idea. As a way to show dissent, this fluffy ball wailed for many nights.

Photo from: siameezer (IG)

While its Siamese ancestor meows loudly, this little furry descendant has a diluted melodic voice. Some Snowshoe owners describe the sound as music to their ears, delicate, or distinctive. 

Are Snowshoe Cats Smart?

In terms of intelligence and trainability, the Snowshoe cat is one of the excellent breeds there is. This boils down from the fact that its Siamese parent is included in the world’s topmost intelligent cats!

Photo from: kenyonthecat (IG)

Since this breed is highly smart, learning tricks and obeying commands won’t give her a hard time at all. You can simply start teaching your cat how the game of fetch works. It is highly encouraged to give out verbal cues since Snowshoes are able to understand what you try to tell them. After a considerable amount of time conditioning your playful companion, you can move on to other more quirks such as training it to be comfortable to walk on leashes when you go visit parks. 

Also, anticipate the possibility of getting distracted when you do your homework or other activities at home. Snowshoes know exactly how to get your attention by meowing gently at your face and they are very persistent! They will either jump on your lap, follow you to the bathroom, or meow loudly enough until they successfully summon your presence. They will surely do whatever it takes just so they know that they are their owner’s apple of the eye. 

Snowshoe Cat Temperament: How Talkative Are They?

This sweet-natured cat knows exactly how to interact with people. With its mellow personality, it can easily develop good relationships with its owners, especially around kids. One thing to be aware of is that each Snowshoe is born with a unique personality. That means you won’t exactly know the persona of your cat until you actually bond with it over some time!

However, whatever personality traits this adorable cat may show, rest assured that she will not fail at becoming the best family companion. Some are expected to show off to their owners for attention, some will make you laugh with their silliness and talkative behavior, and others are eager to be taught new tricks. 

Photo from: lizswaney (IG)

Some owners have shared that their Snowshoes display great devotion in the family. In fact, these cats may even think that they are not cats at all, but are equals of humans which is why they are very communicative! They are the type to get involved in daily activities as much as they can. Attention truly pleases Snowshoes.

Also, in some instances, there may be a development of a stronger bond between this domestic cat and one specific person in the family. Oftentimes, it may manifest an intense dislike when separated from its favorite human. Since they are not suitable to be alone, Snowshoes may develop separation anxiety. With that, you should already expect soft meows filling the house!

Despite the various potential personalities your cat may have, the bottom line is: they are extremely social. They can bond well with kids, dogs, and other cats. They are very affectionate and they love being rubbed in the back. They will purr as a sign that they are calm and relaxed with you.

How to Take Care of Your Talky Snowshoe Cat

Just like any other cats, your “white-pawed” furries require care and grooming. Brushing its coat gently must be done at least twice a week to remove any skin flakes, dead hair, dirt, and skin oils. Their teeth must also be brushed with toothbrushes suitable for their kind to avoid dental disease. Once a day will suffice and keep your cat’s teeth healthy!

Knowing that cats are very clean and are natural groomers, bathing them shouldn’t worry you unless they are covered with dirt and mud after playing in the front yard.

In terms of feeding, if the Snowshoe has been adopted, sticking to its routine food given by the previous owner is a good idea. This will avoid upsetting her stomach. Obviously, you may gradually and slowly change the diet to adult cat food. 

Take note as well that if your cat meows for food, considering how intelligent they are, they might try to trick you. Don’t feed her outside prescribed times! This is to keep your cat from gaining excess weight.

Moreover, if you hear any unusual or painful cries that may have been bothering your chatty feline, consider contacting your vet right away for a proper diagnosis. 

Top 5 Interesting Facts About Snowshoe Cats

Snowshoes are definitely a combination of the elegance of the Siamese and the vigor of the Shorthair. Simply put, these make it very interesting and popular! To get to know more of this highly energetic breed, below are five unique facts that will blow your mind:

  • Snowshoe cats are so talkative that they would sometimes end up talking to themselves!
  • Some Snowshoes are able to meow for long periods if their wants or needs are not met. If she wants to sleep in the bedroom and gets kicked out, expect a hellish night.
  • Snowshoes are very much like a dog. However, they prefer to lead rather than follow you. They will not be shy to communicate what they want you to do for them.
  • Their regal blue eyes along with their generally soft-outspokenness make them the perfect image for royalty which has been passed down by their ancestor: “The Royal Cat of Siam”- The Siamese!
  • Snowshoes love water and baths and you will definitely hear them enjoying each splash!

Is the Snowshoe Cat the Right One for You?

The Snowshoe is a naturally charming and affectionate cat with an unpredictable personality. They can make anyone’s life exciting and fun due to being highly talkative breeds and they only require little maintenance.

They live well in environments where social interactions happen frequently. They happen to be clingy as pets and if you are that special human she wants to be with every time, the sound of her voice will tell you how much she appreciates you. Snowshoes do their best to reciprocate the care you give them and the good news is that this is simply in their nature!

Photo from: twogoodfellas (IG)

If you have thoroughly researched and put into consideration the things written above and think that you are capable of taking care of it and spending enough quality time with this finicky feline, be encouraged to adopt your perfect Snowshoe kitten at your nearest adoption centers. If you find none available, ensure that you get it from a trusted breeder to make sure that she is healthy.

Snowshoes come in different colors and you may choose according to your preference. However, one thing is for sure: You will get the best of the best kind of cat. The experience with this chatty fluff will surely be remarkable.

Getting a furry companion such as this talkative breed will change your life for the better. As it is commonly said, having pets is one way to a healthier life!