Are Snowshoe Cats Expensive? (3 Things to Know Before Purchasing)

This breed is not too much for the pocket. The price will always vary, however. First, if the cat is eligible for shows, he will cost much higher than the other who’s more suitable to become a family pet. Another factor could be whether he is guaranteed to be healthy or he’s born with genetic diseases that may later develop in his life. 

Many possible reasons can lift or lower the pricing scale, but generally, the Snowshoe cat breed price is manageable and worth it.

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Despite being a new cat, many feline lovers from all over the world are interested in owning a Snowshoe! Swooned by his unique markings and white boots, you might now be considering getting yourself this fluffy and chatty kitten. Find out what the price for a Snowshoe is and what to look for in this perfect furry companion!

How Much Do Snowshoes Cost?

Remember that Snowshoes are rare and are a relatively new breed. The price may generally go between $600-$1200 in the US. If you are going to adopt one from the shelter homes, expect that you’ll be paying less than buying one from an ethical breeder. In the UK, it goes up to £500 for a pet-quality Snowshoe. There are only a handful of Snowshoe breeders in the UK, so expect that the actual price for a kitten might be higher. In Australia, the price ranges between $800 to $1000.

What Dictates the Price of a Snowshoe Cat?

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The number one major factor that can dictate the price of your potential fluffy kitten depends on where you get him from! These days, most transactions can be done online which will have its pros and cons. Wherever you choose to buy it from, it is always through resorting to getting a Snowshoe from a reputable breeder that will save you from future unnecessary health costs. 

The Price of an Unregistered Snowshoe

If ever you prefer purchasing from a breeder, ensure that you’re not getting your precious feline from a cat mill. Backyard breeders are the very people you don’t want to go for. They put money as a priority and generally do not provide a good living environment for the kittens. They may charge the same price as that from a trusted breeder and present you with a healthy-looking cat, but you may end up having to deal with a kitten who’ll eventually suffer from congenital eye and hip defects or parasites. 

In desperate times, they may sell out the kittens at a very cheap price. This may be enticing to some, but there is no guarantee that the cat underwent a health screening process.

The Price of a Snowshoe With Limited Registration

Snowshoes, compared to other cat breeds, are inexpensive if they are being sold with a pet-only, limited registration. The price is between $300-$500 or $600 if you go for the excellent ones.

The Price of a Snowshoe With Full Registration

Snowshoes that are fully registered are the ones qualified to be bred. Since they are considered to be of higher quality, the cost of getting one is reasonably expensive. To have a clearer comparison, here is an overview of the pricing:

Snowshoes from lesser-known breeders. A kitten may be sold between $500 to $800 due to its lesser excellence in appearance and pedigree. 

Snowshoes from well-known breeders. Each Snowshoe may be sold for around $800 to 1200. Although this one is more pricey, Snowshoes from this group of breeders come from a superior lineage and have the potential of being superb in cat shows. 

Some breeders may ask for a $50 to $100 deposit for you to secure a Snowshoe kitten who’s yet to be born. 

Price Difference Between an Adult and a Kitten Snowshoe

This may be surprising to some, but Snowshoe kittens generally cost more than an adult one! This is mostly because aside from the cuteness, cat lovers tend to think of kittens as more trainable and are less likely to have developed bad habits compared to an old and more experienced cat. In shelter homes, a cat may cost from $120 for an adult to $200 for a kitten. In some cases, you may get one for free depending on the standards of a certain adoption center. 

Do the Color Markings of Snowshoes Affect the Price?

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In some cases, yes they do! Knowing how hard it is to get the desired symmetrical markings of a Snowshoe cat, if ever the appearance is close to the ideal Snowshoe look, you might have to increase the budget. Of course, since Snowshoe cats are born to be all white, a breeder wouldn’t be able to identify or predict how the color points will show on the feline’s body. This means, the price factored by color points may only apply once the Snowshoe matures and is being sold to a new potential owner, especially if the cat is well-trained and is highly qualified for shows.

3 Things to Check Before Purchasing the Snowshoe

Before you get yourself your dream fluffy Snowshoe, there are a few things you need to check first to make sure you’ll have the best cat. Determining the right feline is a very crucial process because although it is easy to purchase or adopt one, maintaining a Snowshoe requires commitment, passion, resources, and energy. 

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Some have ignored the importance of looking for compatibility in getting a feline, hence why a lot of cats end up being rehomed or sent back to a shelter. To make sure you have the fullest experience with the right Snowshoe, here are the things you may want to inspect:

  1. Temperament

The Snowshoe is expected to display a kind and playful nature. He is also capable of learning tricks such as opening the door due to his intelligence. In most times, a Snowshoe can be very vocal especially if he is trying to communicate something. It may also be entertaining since he responds if you try to talk to him. 

Known to be a social breed, the Snowshoe might show odd behaviors if he experienced being left alone for a long period of time. If you think you can still handle and train a kitten who has separation anxiety, then go for it! 

  1. Health

Many diseases a certain cat may have later in his life are usually genetic especially if it has been a result of bad breeding or the environment in his early days was unsanitary. There are common health issues a Snowshoe cat can be prone to, but if you choose where to get him from wisely, you will highly likely be able to dodge these issues. Here are the common medical conditions that a healthy Snowshoe mustn’t have:

Obesity. Your Snowshoe Kitten must not show warning signs of excess weight. Obesity can trigger more health issues such as arthritis, diabetes, and other life-threatening diseases. 

Dental Disease. This is a common chronic problem for cats, especially for adults. Ensure that your potential Snowshoe’s teeth have been properly taken cared of. 

Bacterial and viral infections. A Snowshoe is susceptible to rhinotracheitis, calicivirus, and rabies. All these are avertible through vaccines. 

Parasites. Cats who lived in very unsanitary environments befor being sold have a high chance that they are infested with parasitic worms. These may invade inside or outside the Snowshoe’s body. For Snowshoes with heartworm infection, no treatment is available yet.

  1. Physical Appearance

The following physical traits are more observable when the Snowshoe is older. For Snowshoe kittens, they have to be all-white from birth.

Ear size. These range from medium to medium-large ears with round tips. 

Head. Usually triangular. In some cases, Snowshoes may also appear to have rounder heads.

Eyes. This is a striking feature and their color ranges from pale to deep blue.

Color points. Ears, face-mask, tail, and sometimes legs are solid black-based.

White markings. Commonly appears along the face, chest, paws, and stomach. 

Body. The back, shoulders, and hips have a point and even light body coloring. 

Paw pads. Colors may vary from mottled, point color, flesh-toned, or white.

Tail. It is always medium-sized.

Color. Color may come in fawn, blue, lilac, chocolate, seal, or lynx point.

Are Snowshoe Cats High-Maintenance?

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Snowshoes are low-maintenance cats! They don’t require daily walks and training, unlike dogs. Grooming can only be done every 2 weeks due to their short fur and brushing can be done only once a week. Although caring for them is minimal, they still need high-quality food. They also need to undergo initial vet costs for annual boosts. Should you decide to spay or neuter your fluffy kitten, this will be an additional cost, but it can also be a gateway to decreasing the likelihood of certain types of cancers as well as having unwanted litters.

How Much Would It Cost You to Have a Snowshoe Over the Years?

On a monthly average, you might need to allocate at least $83 for your cat. Annually, this may soar up to a thousand dollars. For his entire lifespan, it is going to be anywhere between $5000 to $23000 depending on health, age, gender, and vet fees.

To have an idea of how the initial cost breakdown might look like, here is a table below:

ItemCost for a Snowshoe KittenCost for an Adult Snowshoe
Adoption Fee/Breeder’s Fee$200-$1200$120-$1200
Spay or Neuter$200$200
Initial rounds of Shots$170$170
Pet Insurance$15$15
Litter Box Supplies$225$300
Cat Food$500$400
Emergency Vet Fund$90$90
Treats Including Dental Tools$10$40
Grooming Tools$15$15
Regular Vet Visits$120$120

Can I Adopt One?

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Yes, you can! There are lots of Snowshoes in shelters that are in need of a new home! To get the best of this breed, go for shelter homes that specialize in Snowshoes such as the Snowshoe Cat Rescue Network. Not only do you help give room for another rescue kitten, but you are also providing an opportunity for a Snowshoe cat to be loved again. This cat breed could be the best companion you are looking for! 

His talkative attitude and mischievousness will never bore you out. You wouldn’t have to worry about the costs of taking care of one either. If his needs are met and he receives lots of love and cuddles, he will be satisfied to the fullest and you will surely notice how he reciprocates his appreciation to you.