Are Cornish Rex Cats Affectionate? Personality & Traits

Many people choose cats for their independence, playful mood, and overall cuteness.  However, there are cats that break the mold and overshadow dogs when it comes to affection. Is the Cornish Rex Cat among the select few of these outwardly affectionate cat breeds? 

Definitely, Cornish Rex Cats are on almost every list of affectionate cats. They like to cuddle and sit on your lap. These cats are people pleasers, always craving your affection and attention and giving you all of theirs. They love to entertain you with their tricks and thrive on seeing you happy. Many owners say having a Cornish Rex in your home is like having a dog’s devotion in the shape of a cat.

If you’ve owned cats all your life or dogs all your life and it’s the first time you’re getting a Cornish Rex cat, it will be a different yet exciting experience. I’ll tell you more about the renowned sweet disposition of the Cornish and if you should consider living with one. 

Are Cornish Rex Cats Good Pets?

Image by Anna Stina in Flickr licensed under CC BY 2.0

It’s easy to spot a Cornish Rex. They have a slender body, with an extremely soft curly coat, thin tail, and almost bat-like ears.  Don’t be fooled if they appear frail or even aloof because that is quite the opposite.

The Cornish are incredibly friendly, extremely affectionate, and quite active, that’s why they make great family companions. They love being with their owners and giving kisses. As natural entertainers, they’ll make you laugh and will eagerly initiate fun activities. They are a domestic cat breed known to brighten up their homes and pet parent’s lives. 

A great choice for households with children or other pets, the Cornish cats adore socializing and snuggling. Expect your Cornish to welcome you home with a wagging long tail and be very friendly to your visitors as well. 

They are an intelligent and agile breed. It has long legs with excellent jumping powers that have the potential to perform amazing tricks to your friends and family. This also means constant activity around the house that will keep you up until they get tired and by then they’ll just stick themselves next to you.

The Cornish Rex has a wonderful, upbeat demeanor. Be prepared for this energetic personality to continue as they grow older as they are forever kitties at heart. 

How Do Cornish Rex Cats Show Affection?

These cats are generally quiet but their language of love is pretty loud and clear. Here are three ways that Cornish Rex cats tell you they love you:

1. They play with you so you can have fun.

Image by Anna Stina in Flickr licensed under CC BY 2.0

It may be an unusual trait to describe a cat, but the Cornish Rex is one goofy feline. They may appear serious with the way they stare but they have lots of tricks up their sleeves. Cornish Rex cats are known as a clown in a cat suit. 

They are best with people who like being active and playing games. It is not unusual for them to run around the house from room to room and stop where you are for some kisses. They jump high and fast and don’t tire easily. Toys are not enough for them as they long for social interaction when they play. With their signature long legs, they use their paws like little hands to pick up and toss objects and play fetch with you over and over. 

Your personal comic relief, they behave like kittens even when they become adults. Their playfulness is not a phase but a part of Cornish life even as they grow old. They revel in entertaining you, performing antics just to see you happy. 

2.  They do tricks so you can be proud.

Image by Janko Luin in Flickr licensed under CC BY SA 2.0

Who said only dogs can learn new tricks? Curious Cornish cats can easily figure out how things work. They show their love by listening, responding to commands, and doing things that make you happy — earning them their treat too. Check out the internet for videos of proud pet parents showing off their cats doing tricks like sit, jump, kiss, turn, even somersault!  Their playful nature makes them great companions for kids. They love playing hide and seek or tag.

Apart from making it to the most affectionate felines list, the Cornish Rex is also a mainstay for the most intelligent cats list. It has been featured in the Smartest Cat Breeds by Newsweek as well as Martha Stewart among others.

They are highly adaptable and are quick learners. They are quick to pick up on your routines and insist on assisting you with every task. If many things are happening in different areas of the house, they will likely be running around to be part of each one. Your Cornish is your helping hand – even if you think you need it or not. 

3. They’re not shy with PDA.

Image by Jim & Max IV in Flickr licensed under CC BY 2.0 

The Cornish loves public displays of affection. They love being around people and will follow their owners around the house. 

While they seem to have boundless energy, their temperaments go from hyperactive to laid back lap cats who are just happy to be beside you. With their thin coats, they always aim to be warmed on your lap, snuggling close to you every time. Being stroked is their favorite thing in the world.

Their affectionate nature goes beyond immediate family as they also love welcoming visitors and entertaining them. 

Genuinely sweet, they initiate affection because they do want you to love them back. Their sweetness goes beyond rolling, bunting, and being in the same room. Cornish likes to earn your love and give you joy every chance it can. Ultimately, that is what makes them great pets, that outpouring of affection they give you every single time. 

With their love for human connection, this cat breed is also trained as therapy cats.

Can Cornish Rex Cats Be Left Alone?

To the Cornish Rex you are their world, so what happens if you leave them by themselves? They don’t thrive well in environments where they’ll be left alone. They can entertain themselves but will easily get bored and anxious which contradicts their feline nature. These pets are born to socialize and express love to their family day in and day out.

Whether it’s the high energy mood or the quiet lap sitter that’s waiting for you, the Cornish Rex is the perfect stress reliever at the end of the day. 

Are Cornish Rex Cats Friendly to Other Pets?

Cornish congeniality is not just for humans but goes out to other pets as well. They love to socialize and they get along well with other cats and even dogs. It’s unusual to see cats as doting as the Cornish when it interacts with other pets. 

Their playfulness with other animals will keep your household filled with love and vitality at all times. 


The Cornish Rex cats are hands-down among the most affectionate cat breeds. Aside from their sweetness, they are also known to be smart, active, playful, and sociable. To many, they are the perfect companion at home. 

Living with a Cornish comes with knowing their boundless energy and capacity to keep on going. The cat owner of this breed has to be ready for non-stop jumps, fetch, and play all the way to this feline’s senior years. This is balanced by their other favorite activity which is to sit on your lap. They’re not always in high spirits as they equally crave the silent joy of just being beside you.

Having a Cornish Rex in your life is a journey like no other. They may come in a slim package but they have a limitless supply of love and affection.