Are British Shorthair Cats Expensive? (Detailed Guide)

Cat breeds in the world stand out due to their features and wonderful personality. One of those breeds is the British Shorthair which showcases a dense coat and compact size. In addition, the cat has chubby cheeks that make them look like the cutest moving teddy bear. Aside from that, their eye colors are diverse, which makes them even more beautiful breeds. 

Thus, many people are wondering how someone can obtain such wonderful breeds. From their looks, you could say that they are elegant and not easy to acquire.

Although it displays their love toward their human companions differently, British Shorthair cats are definitely affectionate by nature.

British Shorthair Cats are expensive and would cost you a thousand dollars when you acquire them. It may vary in each country, but still, the cat breed belongs to one of the most expensive cat breeds in the world.

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Aren’t beautiful things priced higher because it is worth it? If you’re considering adding a British Shorthair cat to your family, you may be wondering if they are hypoallergenic. Unfortunately, British Shorthair cats are not hypoallergenic. Now, we will discuss with you how much British Shorthair Cats would cost you and What things you can do to acquire them cheaply. We also added the factors to look out for in buying a British shorthair and how to become a breeder for these cats. But first, let me tell you why you must own a British Shorthair Cat.

Why Should I Own a British Shorthair Cat?

Many feline breeds exist as of today and some of them can be bought for a cheap price. You could get one of those breeds but let me enumerate the reasons why you should own such an expensive breed.

1. Beautiful Breeds

Aside from the fact that they have a silky furry coat, it is a breed of cat that could provide any patterns and colors that you could wish for in a cat. 

Colors available in British Shorthair Cats: Lilac, Fawn, Cinnamon, Sable, Brown, Brown, Chocolate, Tan, Beige, Gray, Cream, Orange, Blue, Red, Ebony, White, and Black.

Patterns available in British Shorthair Cats: Color-point, Calico, Tabby, Bi-color, and Solid.

The cat is not only rich in its coat characteristics but also its rounded eyes, chubby cheeks, round body, big bones, and broad chest.

2. Long Life Expectancy

You should own this breed because its life expectancy can go up to 20 years.

3. Wonderful Personality

British Shorthair Cats have a quiet and well-behaved personality, free from any destructive behavior and demanding requests. The cat is intelligent and has an independent personality that keeps them entertained when boredom strikes. 

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How Expensive Are British Shorthair Cats?

British Shorthair Cats would cost you the following in different countries:

United States

Registered Breeder: 900-1800 US Dollars

Unregistered Breeder: 250-700 US Dollars


Registered Breeder: 1200-2000 Australian Dollars

Unregistered Breeder: 300-700 Australian Dollars

United Kingdom

Registered Breeder: 1200-2000 British Pound

Unregistered Breeder: 350-800 British Pound

The cost for this popular cat breed depends on each breeder, location, age, and connection that could give discounts whenever you buy the British Shorthair Kittens. Also, for the colors and patterns, the British Blue Shorthair cat would be priced the highest since it is rare and stands out among many.

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How to Get a British Shorthair Cat Without Spending Much?

The Intelligent Breed is expensive yet there are ways wherein a pet owner can own a British Shorthair cheaply through the following options. 

1. Re-homing From Pet Owners Has Health Issues and Disabilities

Although, I can’t say that this won’t cost you money, at least the price will be lower than the price from the breeders. Cat owners that have health conditions and disabilities wouldn’t be able to take care of the cat’s needs and show enough affection to the British Cat. Most probably they will give you a price that is lower because what they need the most is a responsible owner able to take care of their cherished cat.

The problem with this is that it rarely happens and if you find one, they will prioritize their friends or relatives first. So, if the opportunity comes knocking on your door, get it and don’t hesitate to pay for the price.

2. Buy a Crossbreed of British Shorthair Cat 

If you are not into purebred British Shorthair Cat, then you can get a mixed one. You’ll be lucky to have a cat that resembles the beauty of a British Shorthair cat. They’ll have the same dense coat with wonderful color patterns, as long as it was bred to a cat closely related or similar in features to the British Shorthair Cat. If the reason for buying is not for breeding then you can get a mixed British Shorthair Cat. Although these mixes are not inexpensive the price range is around $500-$1000 if the other half is a quality breed too.

3. Adopting in Animal Shelters

There is no guarantee that you can get a British Shorthair Cat in any Animal Shelters. The breed belongs to the popular breeds and any staff or related person would snatch the breed away if it is of good health and condition. You can probably see a mixed breed in the shelter but with disabilities or illnesses. Either way, it’s still preferable to get a cat in an animal shelter so that you can save their lives and you can provide a loving home.

4. Registering in Online Adoption Services

The Adoption process is made easier now through online adoption services that give an equal chance to responsible people. Through registering on these platforms, you can share your background and capabilities to raise a new cat. The original owner will choose the new fur parent to ensure that the cat will be taken care of. Although on this option, you can’t choose the type of cat you wanted to have. Mostly you’ll be getting senior cats, cats with disabilities, aggressive cats, or cats that are too cherished to be put in animal shelters. The chances of you getting a British Shorthair cat is low. But, you can always open your home to a cat in need of loving parents.

Can I Become a British Shorthair Cat Breeder?

If the reason for buying a British Shorthair Cat is for breeding, then don’t buy because you can’t be a breeder that instant. Reputable breeders would only sell you a British Shorthair Kitten that was already neutered to prevent inhumane and irresponsible breeding for money. 

Registered breeders must ensure that the pedigree line is protected and the British Shorthair community is free of bad breeders. Also, by doing this a cat that contains genetic health conditions will be prevented from further continuing its line. The sole purpose in buying is so that you can have a loving family pet and if you want to enter a feline pet show.

How Can I Become a British Shorthair Breeder?

The process will be long and most importantly you have to earn the trust of the existing breeders and the cat community to be able to breed. Buy a spayed kitten first and take care of it until you proved to the breeder that you are responsible and you have raised your cat healthy and happy. You must be clear with your intentions and be prepared to spend a lot of money to start this kind of business. You have to give the right nutrition, vitamins, shelter, and affection.

Breeding pedigree cats is not easy, thus before you start you must learn and ask questions. Join the community of breeders and ask for advice that they could give to you since breeding will cost you money, time, and effort. If you can do this right responsibly and lovingly, then surely you can get a registered breeder to allow you to buy a female cat. Although, you must remember it’s no easy task and you must devote a huge amount of attention. There should be no room for negligence and settling for less. Provide a quality home environment and food.

If you are someone that has work and is busy, then for the sake of the cat just buy a neutered one. In this way, pregnancy can be prevented. Hire a cat nanny and be there for your cat after working hours.

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What Factors Should I Look Out for in Buying a British Shorthair Cat From a Breeder?

You have to meticulously look for the ancestor of the mother cat, you can do this by inquiring in the nearest registration office in your town. Most of this registration organization has a standard and it should be met by the British shorthair Cat to be allowed to breed. You can endure that the cat is healthy if they are registered. No genetic issues and diseases were present on the kittens that are registered.

If you inquired for a certain breeder and his cat wasn’t in the record then don’t buy it because it may not be passed the standards because of underlying health conditions.

The breeder should not be putting ads just to sell its litter of British Shorthair Kittens. A reputable breeder does not need to pay for the ads because word of mouth, connections, and the quality of service would get him the buyers he needed. There’s a long waiting list for the British Shorthair cat even though they are expensive breeds. Most of the interested buyers would reserve a slot for the next kitten. Thus, consider taking extra precautions on a cat that was on the ad. 

Look for a Veterinary Health Card. If you are paying an expensive amount of cash, then look for the proof that the British Shorthair Kitten was vaccinated, has its check-up, deworming, and a health card to show its recent visits to the vet. Don’t leave this part because it is important to keep your kitten healthy as they grow old.

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Can I Buy from an Unregistered Breeder?

The decision depends on you but it is advisable not to. There is a risk in acquiring a cat from an unregistered breeder. We will lay down all these reasons to help you understand the possible outcome of buying kittens from them.

The worst-case would be that you have bought a cat that has genetic health issues. You could have problems in the long run and would cost you a lot of money for the medication and treatments. Also, you could get a British Shorthair Cat that has no nutrition and a low immune system that can obtain common diseases or failure on body organs because of how they were raised right after birth.

Some health issues include parasites, skin allergies, and infection. Emotionally, there could be a difference since some of these cats are neglected, kept in a cage, or forced to be pregnant right after they have given birth. 

However, not every unregistered breeder is cruel, some are loving and good cat parents to British Shorthair Cat. If you have known someone and trusted them to provide a healthy kitten to you then it’s fine. But, if you did not know the breeder, then you should save some more money and get a quality cat from a registered breeder in the market.

Why Do Registered Breeders Make British Shorthair Cat Expensive?

It is because they can due to increasing demand in the market. The British Shorthair Cat is a popular breed and many people are desiring to own it because of its fame. Rarity is also a factor, especially to the British Blue Cat. Since it is popular, the demand keeps getting bigger while the supply is low due to the spayed kittens. The breeders would take advantage of this situation. Thus, making these breeds expensive.

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Consider the options that we have shared with you to own a British Shorthair Cat cheaply. Whether you want it in a cross, pure-bred, adopted, or bought, you’ll surely get a cat that is loving, sweet, loyal, and dependent. The chubby cheeks and their interesting features would keep you happy and in good spirits whenever you see them at home. They are not destructive and will be with you until their 20th year. For breeding intentions, be sure to prove yourself worthy to be a breeder and always consider your British Cats as your babies and not a source of money.