Merlot is very friendly but can be quite timid around strangers. He is a really laid back cat but easily startled. He hates large vehicles (bin lorries) and loud noises. He loves to be outside and often sleeps in long grass and bushes at the end of our garden. He is often being taken to the vets with bites where he has been protecting his precious territory.

We have had Merlot since 5 weeks old when we got him and his brother who was killed on the road just after their 1st birthday. He now has another companion, a little "sister" who he only likes when he wants to play. Phoebe adores him and is missing terribly although quites likes being the boss of the house!

Merlot disappeared at approx 9pm on Saturday 13 May 2006. I do not think he would just leave as he is spoilt rotten and always gets what he wants.

Around the same time about 5 other cats went missing from the Vicars cross area. Two from just round the corner. Usually about two weeks apart. And the week he went missing travellers had arrived at our local rugby club (where i work) just up the road. We searched there, we searched neighbours gardens, local parks etc. Put posters up and phoned round vets, rescue centres, RSPCA, police. We reported suspicious circumstances but nothing came of it. I have registered him on many missing pets sites and have just found this one.

We had some feedback at first and went out searching everywhere for a black cat, but there are lots of black cats about. I have been to vets surgeries and peoples houses to view found cats but some of them don't seem to keep records for long.

We're just desperate to know where he is. Even if it is bad news.

"Please please please help me find my baby. He is missed desperately by the family and especially his little sis. We want to know where he is, what has happened to him.
Good news or Bad. The torture of not knowing is the worst pain ever".
Everyone in the area of Vicars Cross, Please look out for Merlot.
A POSTER is available for anyone wishing to help find him.

Any information is appreciated.
Spread the Word !
Please make those without internet access aware that this cat is missing in your area - Thankyou
If you have contacts in this area and can forward a poster to them Please let us know