Mouse is a Cat flu carrier, has watery eyes. She was taken to vets with her sister as 4wk old cat flu kitten to be put-down. We hand-reared her and kept both. They were slowly (over 2.5 yrs) introduced to the area on a lead and know where the roads are etc. She has stiff hips due to lack of food as kitten.
She can be quite slow. Was almost a house cat, very timid and hates people. Lives with her sister, and our two other cats. She was 'top cat' and it's upsetting the household. The male will no longer go out and her sister has started using a litter tray which she's never done before.

She was taken as a prank from the drive on 8/10/06 between 5.30am & 8.30am. Mouse would only go out when it's quiet. We know who took her, we've since found out he'd been trying to trap the cats for some weeks.
Her way back into the garden was blocked and she couldn't get away. She doesn't scratch. We believe (hope) that she wasn't killed. Possible sightings in the weeks following around Saughall Massie, Upton and Greasby all on Wirral.
"Please help us to find our GREY (not black) cat. She was taken from her garden as a prank and wouldn't be able to get back by herself. She is very much loved and missed and we just want her back with her sister.

All info. in strict confidence, no questions just a large reward for finder."

Calling upon all our 'Moggy' helpers to keep a lookout for Mouse, to spread the word and in doing so - casting a net over the whole area. We have done this before with success - we can do it again.
Please send for a POSTER to display in any prominent position.
Spread the Word !
Please make those without internet access aware that this cat is missing in your area - Thankyou
If you have contacts in this area and can forward a poster to them Please let us know