It is completely out of character for Amber to vanish like this. Although she loved spending many hours outside, she was always within calling distance and would come running through our garden when we called her home. Shes a fairly vocal cat, being siamese.

It was an extremely windy night the night she went missing. We can pinpoint it to between 8pm and 10pm when she vanished. It is fairly quiet around here, the only thing we are aware that happened at that time was the local scouts (whose hut is located over the road at the top of the hill from us and she was known to play around there) were filing out after their weekly meeting. We have spoken to the scoutmaster and they have a poster in their hut. The local post office was also broken into the night Amber disappeared.

She was very slender and eats sparingly. Could she still be out there? Wouldnt I have found her by now if she was trapped? Most people say to us she will have been stolen, she is so pretty, but i just dont feel that. People have told us Amber was very
timid and skittish, only 1 of our neighbours was able to pet her, after taking 1-2 yrs to befriend her. She is very upset Amber has gone missing.

I have another Siamese (9yr old male)who goes out on patrols, though I am weary of letting him out. He has been spraying like mad since Amber has been gone. I have 2 dogs, one fairly new to our house. We have taken our older dog out on many walks to leave a scent trail, he  seems sad. The weather has been strange since Amber went, from gales to torrential rain, then the odd gloriously sunny day. The temp is quite mild still.
"Amber is so precious to us and she loved her home.
My partner and Amber were so very close, I have never witnessed such a special bond between human and animal. She is our baby and we are heartbroken without her. If anybody thinks they have seen her, please let us know.
Many thanks for your help."
Would everyone in the vicinity of Sussex Road and the surrounding areas of West Kirby, Please Search Sheds & Garages in the hopes of finding Amber. She could well be trapped and in need of help. We have a POSTER available - would you please help her owners by displaying one.

Spread the Word !
Please make those without internet access aware that this cat is missing in your area - Thankyou
If you have contacts in this area and can forward a poster to them Please let us know