Oakey is a very loving and affectionate cat, he would follow me around the house getting cuddles as often as possible.
He can be nervous/wary of strangers but would be anyones friend for life if they
gave him some food, the usual cat treats but he also loved mushrooms, peas, raisins and apricots (only as odd treats!)

He has left behind his companion of 5 years a female tortie, she misses him loads and still jumps up every time she hears the cat flap in the wind. He also lived with a labrador, with whom he enjoyed putting in her place! He does not like other dogs at all.

He is an outdoor cat but like most cats he was usually close enough to home
to come when dinner was called! He would be in for breakfast and dinner and usually most evenings and would go to his bed (with my other cat) when put away at bedtime.

He has always slept in the kitchen overnight, never with me or in the rest of the house. He was sometimes in and out overnight but more often than not was always in when I got up.

He was a very curious cat and climbed into enough peoples cars, which is why I have started contacting rescues elsewhere as I would not put it past him to get into a car when they were not looking.

"Much loved and missed best friend to me and my other cat,
I am moving house soon so am desperate for any news."

We are hoping to have plenty of requests for Oakey's POSTER either for reference or to display in any prominent position around the area of the Ringway in Neston.
Please would you all search & monitor your Sheds, Garages and all other outbuildings.
Oakey is out there somewhere -
Let's find him !
If anyone does happen to have a 'new to the block' black cat, please contact Oakley's human, or take it to be scanned at a local vet or rescue