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83 Home Safe January - March 2012
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Rhigos CF44
CoCo missing 29 March 2012 - 31 March 2012
  • CoCo a 10mth old DSH female with Green eyes
  • Tortie: Orange and Black with Charcoal - Orange and Buff coloured tip on tail. Right hip poorly so walks with a slight limp

    I'm happy to say CoCo has been found - or more precisely, she found us! Just a little while ago!
    Thank you anyway! What a blessing!
    Kind Regards,
    Sally Carey

Waterlooville PO8
'GreyBoy' found February 2012
  • A DSH cat
  • Grey / Blue
    It turned out that Grey boy lived nearby

Blackpool FY4

Meatball missing 25 March 2012 - 30 March 2012

  • Meatball a 10mth old DSH neutered male with Green eyes
  • Grey

    Hi sue, just wanted to let you know, following putting meatball on your website, we got a phone call tonight from a lovely lady on wasdale ave saying she thought she had meatball, have just been to see if it was him and it was!! He had traveled 1.2 miles away from home!! He is now home safe and sound :) Thank you so much for all your help. Jenny

Blackpool FY4

Rita missing 16 March 2012 - 30 March 2012

  • Rita a 16yr old spayed and chipped DLH female with Yellow eyes
  • Maine Coon: Grey.. Light and Dark Grey
  • On medication for over active thyroid

    Hi Sue,
    Just to let you know Rita has been found and safely returned via the RSPCA, she was found in a garden in the next street to mine,the  neighbour saw the poster on a lamp post I put up in her street. Rita is a little bit thinner, probably because she hasn't eaten much and also hasn't  been having her daily medication. We will be locking her cat flap at nights from now on. Thanks for your help, Tony.

Blackpool FY1
Borris Baby & Luna missing since 25/ 26.March .2012

  • Borris and Baby - 2 Persians both with White collars
    & Luna a chipped Black Chow dog
  • the Persians are White & Red
  • All missing from Fir Grove

    Borris and Baby were found nearby and are homesafe

    Luna has been confirmed involved in fatal RTA on the M55. RIP babe

Ashley Cross BH14
Sabre missing since 7.Mar.2012
  • Sabre a 10mth old DSH neutered & chipped male with Green eyes
  • Tabby with Grey and Black markings White chest and tummy. Black nose going pinkish in middle
    He's home!
    He's well, happy to be home, dirty and skinny....a friend with cats turned up with him, Sabre apparently went to their kitchen window, I could here him meowing through my front door!!! My 15 year old maltese terrier dog is so happy to see him, been nuzzling and cleaning him. Have no idea where he was, but he's staying at home for a long while xxx

Bispham FY2
Lily missing since 4 March 2012
  • Lily a 23mth old chipped fluffy female Ragdoll with Blue eyes
  • Blue Colourpoint: White and Grey
    hi sue , just a little message to say lilly came home safe last night, thankyou so much for all your help, really appreciate the work you do and if you ever need any help please dont hesitate to ask, once again a big thankyou xx

Mill Hill NW7
Rocky missing since 13 March 2012 - 15 March 2012
  • Rocky a 3yr old neutered DLH male with Light Green eyes
  • Ginger and White: Very large cat with with fluffy long haired coat.  Ginger
    back and tail, white face, belly and legs. Attractive pointed face.

    Dear Sue I registered Rocky as being lost last night and was just about to send you a photo, when he returned safe and sound. He had only been missing for less than 24 hours but because he was new to us and the area I was worried he wouldn't find his way home. Please take him off the "Lost Register". Thanks Alison Eldridge

Hindley Green WN2
Mia missing since October 2011 - 11 March 2012
  • Mia a 19mth old DLH spayed female with big Green eyes Looks like the shrek cats eyes
  • White with Black: long hair, black patch over her left ear , big black patches on her back and a black tail. Her Meow is very tiny like a kittens. She has had one litter of kittens so her belly is not taut any more

    HOMESAFE :-) bit of a mess but safe and warm :-) Thank you x Didn't even get chance to open the book i took. She was there within minutes and in the trap in less than 10. Keep filling up :-) Badly matted, little bit hungry. Riddled with flea's . She's been all over me and my other cats. very happy to have her home

Blackpool FY1

Sox missing since March.2012 - 9 March 2012
  • Sox a 10mth old DSH female
  • Black iwth White paws a White bib and Bushy tail

    Hi sue, to to let you know that sox is back :) :) :) :) thanks for all the help  :) :) she is really skinny but still eating :)

Lytham St Annes FY8
Bud missing since .24 February .2012 - 6 March 2012
  • Bud a 9yr neutered and chipped DSH male witih Yellow eyes
  • Black.. mainly Black, White front a White band around his neck. He's a bit chunky and walks knock knee'd at the back end !

    Hi Sue,  Buddy is home!!!
    Tuesday  6th March at 4am We tried everything, suggested, we notified every vet and animal sanctuary in the area, posted leaflets, walked the streets and even scattered the contents of his litter tray around the garden and front gate area.  in the end we got two calls from the leaflets that we had posted that they thought they had seen Buddy, both calls came from the same block.  we went out with torches rattling a box of cat treats to try and find him.  there was no sign of him but that night Buddy found his own way home, back in through the cat flap, up the stairs and woke us up meowing for food.......we are so relieved to have him back.  He has just slept since!
    Many thanks for your great service and advice Steve & Ruth

Horwich BL6

RIP 'Hope' missing since 21.February.2012
  • Hope a 1yr old DSH spayed female with Brown eyes
  • Black and White
    Sadly found decd. subject of RTA

Normoss FY3

Mollie missing since 26 February 2012
  • Mollie a 3 yr old female Siamese with Blue eyes
  • Cream / Grey  Bluepoint siamese. Cream with a Greyish tinge. Bluey
    Grey ears , face, legs + tail
    Just to let you know we have found Mollie. I put posters up all over yesterday and someone from about half a mile ago rang to say she was in their summerhouse at the back. She is very frightened and thin but at least we've got her back.

Ashton PR2
Missing since 16 February 2012 - 4.March 2012
  • A Fluffy Torie - pregnant..
  • Rescue cat
  • Will be lookng for shelter in a shed or similar where she'll have her kittens

    WE'VE GOT MOLLY! WE'VE GOT MOLLY! WE'VE GOT MOLLY! After nearly three weeks of giving us the slip, she went in the trap tonight. The relief is indescribable. Dashed down to get her and it's really her. It really is. She seems absolutely fine, but looks ready to give birth any time. Such a relief to know that she will be able to have her kittens in warmth, comfort and safety. WE'VE GOT HER!!!!! WOOOOOOOOOO-HOOOOOOOOOO!!! !!!!!!

Alvechurch B48
RIP Poppy missing 22 February 2012 - 1 March 2012
  • Poppy a 17+ yr old DSH female with Green eyes
  • Black : a very small black cat with a tiny white spot on her
    chest, under the collar. she has greying clumps of matted hair on her back, due to old age.
  • Wearing her Pink collar when she went missing..

    The RSPCA phoned me today to let me know that Poppy had been found and a special mention to that person whoever you are, that stopped to help Poppy that night... Bless you

Sutton SM1
Misty missing 10 January 2012 - 1 March 2012
  • Misty a 2yr old spayed & chipped DSH female
  • Grey Tortie, one half of her face is darker than the other
    Just to update up you to say that we have been reunited with Misty today. Please can you remove her as missing.
    Many Thanks

Aqueduct TF3
RIP 'Yoda' found c.31 December.2011 - February 2012
  • A Fluffy cat unsure of age or sex
  • All White with distinctive different colour eyes
  • In reasonably good condition, reasonalbe  weight

    I posted an entry on in January 2012 about a white cat which was turned up in Aqueduct, Telford, Shropshire at the beginning of January 2012.  Unfortunately last week we (me and my neighbours) received some very sad news from a vet following a full blood test being carried out which showed that he had Feline HIV so a decision was made to put him to sleep as this was the kindest thing that could be done for him.

Enfield EN2
'Bean' missing 14 January 2012 - 28 February 2012
  • Bean a 4yr old spayed and chipped female with Amber eyes
  • Bengal.. Brown base coat with Black spots
  • Wearing her Pink collar with magnet when she went missing
    BEAN IS HOME!!!! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA AAAAAY! Got a call from a vet in Chingford which is 6.7 miles from where I live. She was scanned...All hail the microchip system. Person who brought her to the vets said shed been hanging around her aunties ripping bin bags open and thats all I know but I have her number and will ring her not only to find out any more info but to thank her. Im so happy Bean is safe home and snoozing right now. She didnt stop purring and head butting me when she got home. I was scared that she wouldnt remember but she is really happy to be home. Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahooooooooooo ooooooooooooooo!

Woodston PE2
'Duke' missing 14.jul.2011 - Catchup
  • Duke an 18mth old DSH neutered and chipped male with Green eyes
  • Black. Totally black, small adult male cat, missing a tiny patch of fur under his left eye
    Just informed that Duke is homesafe.. found Oct.2011

Leytonstone E11
'Elle' found 9.Sep.2010 - catchup
  • Elle a 6m-1yr old DSH female with Yellow eyes
  • Brown stripe tabby, half White mask on face, White socks / bib and undersideHi Sue,
    Thank you for your email regarding Ellie the cat found in E11.
    She was never claimed and has been rehomed through Celia Hammond.
    Best regards,
    Dee Ravenhill

Aldershot GU11
RIP Tuppence missing 27 February 2012 - 28 February 2012
  • Tuppence a nearly 2yr old DSH female with Brown eyes
  • Tortie  / Calico cat .. Black White and Orange.. 3 White legs and under neck.Pink nose
    Sue, We found Tuppence last night. Killed by a car.
    Think that the site you are running is a wonderful thing,
    God bless you. Karen

Aldershot GU11
Tiffany missing 6 February 2012 - 7 February 2012
  • Tiffany a DSH female
  • All Black

    Hi Sue,
    I found Tiffany!! I wandered round the streets near my house with my torch calling and shaking cat treats. I heard yowling and someone helped me figure out where it was coming from...She was stuck in three inter-linked coal-cellar things under someone's house down in the basement (so she couldn't get out). They were totally and utterly full of junk. Sofas (4!), chairs(so many!), computers, printers, pots, pans, cookers, dumb-bells, boxes of glass.... all piled up and rotting away and covered with white mould. It took me, Geoff, and Kaseem (the man who lived there) three hours to corner her and get her out. She's in my flat now and has had some milk and some Whiskas 'Taste The Difference' cat food. She's sitting on the windowsill and having a wash. Thank you to everyone who suggested things and who shared the Tiffany is lost message! Sorry I am such a mad cat-lady and always have cat-crisis time...

Garswood WN4
Spencer missing since 5 November 2011 - 27 February 2012
  • Spencer a 7 yr old neutered Fluffy male with Amber eyes
  • Black with White Vicar 'dog collar' on neck and White 'fig leaf' markings under belly Scar above left eye where fur doesn't grow
    Hi Sue,
    Following 400 individually posted A4 leaflets door to door, exactly three months on we finally got our little Spencer back. He's doing really well.
    Andreya x

Bispham FY2
Hobo found 13.February 2012 - 25 February 2012
  • Fluffy Ginger with Light Ginger in top coat
  • Visits every afternoon to be fed.. very friendly, matted and greasy, hear it crying at night.
    Georgie came back before lunch, he was happy enough to come inside to be fed today she came to pick him up he was a little hesitant to go into cat basket but all around it was fine, feel alot happier now knowing he isnt roaming the streets x

Bispham FY2
'Georgie aka Pudding' missing 11.May.2011 - 25 February 2012
  • Pudding a 1yr old neutered Fluffy male
  • Ginger , no markings.. with White flecks around his neck
    Would like to thank everyone who helped to get george home, he is settling in nicely.

Stanah FY5
Odie missing since 18.February 2012 - 24 February 2012
  • Odie a 7yr old DSH neutered and chipped male with Bluey / Green eyes
  • Tabby markings with small white chin marking
  • Wearing his Sky Blue collar when he went missing

    Hi sue...Odie came home at 6pm last night so im extremely relieved to have him back home safe. He's very dear to my 10 yr old son who has a.d.h.d & is on the autistic spectrum so im literally over the moon to have him back x

Ribbleton PR2
RIP Alfie missing 23 January 2012 - 24 February 2012
  • Alfie an 18mth old DSH neutered and chipped male with Yellow / Green eyes
  • Ginger on top and White underneath. Dark and Light Ginger striped tail. Dark Ginger smudge under inner right eye

    Hi Sue, Contacting you with sad news, I'm afraid. I received a call from the RSPCA last night. Alfie was knocked down by a car and killed yesterday.
    He'd been missing exactly a month.  Thanks for your help and please continue to let me know of missing cats in the area. It's been a really heartbreaking time, so I will always do all I can to help any other owners find their cats and not have to go through it.
    Many thanks,

Ribbleton PR2
Cromarty found September.2011 - February 2012
  • Cromarty an aprox 3-6yr old DSH male
  • All Black
    We've rehomed Cromarty! He was our longest stay cat, so in the nicest possible way we're glad to see him go. He has a great new indoor home in Fulwood. His new owner has done lots of homework about FIV cats and about how to keep an indoor only cat happy and healthy.

Blackwater GU17
Found 29.September.2011 - catchup
  • An aprox 3mth old DSH female
  • Black and White
  • In good health, terrified of vehicular noises.
    now rehomed .

Frimley GU16
Found 20.August.2011 - catchup
  • An aprox 20wk old DSH female (to be confirmed)
  • Full Mackeral Tabby
    now rehomed

Aldershot GU11
Found 18. August.2011 - catchup
  • An aprox 20wk old DLH female
  • Full Mackeral Tabby
    now rehomed

Farnborough GU14
Found June.2011 - catchup
  • An aprox 3 to 4yr old DSH Male - No Chip
  • Full Grey Classic Tabby
    now rehomed

Fleet GU5
Puss Found June.2011 - catchup
  • An aprox 3 to 4yr old DSH Female - No Chip
  • White with Ginger tabby,
    now rehomed

Aldershot GU11
Found Apr.2011 - catchup
  • An aprox 1yr old DSH Female - No Chip
  • White & Ginger tabby,
    now rehomed

Ansdell FY8
'Bella missing since .19 February 2012 - 6 March 2012
  • Bella a 10mth old DSH chipped and spayed female with Green eyes
  • Dark Tortie.. Orange Black & White
  • Wearing her Pink collar when she went missing
    V V pleased & relieved to announce we have Bella Back home !! Thankyou to those who kept a look out for her x

Worthing BN11
'Bisto' missing since 29.October.2011 - 2011
  • Bisto a 10yr old LH neutered and chipped Birman male with Blue eyes
  • White Body and Feet, Chocolate tabby face, tail and legs.
    Returned home safe & well
    Thanks for your help.

Thornton Cleveleys FY5
'Charlie' missing since 6 December.2011 - 20February 2012
  • Charlie a 3½ yr old DSH neutered and chipped male
  • Black with White spot on chest and white patch between back legs. also has small piece out of his left ear
    Wheee Charlie is back home. He was found by a young couple a few miles away and, after feeding him for 5 days, decided to take him to the vet. The Mircrochip showed them where he should be and they rang me They ask if they could could bring him round! I ask you - would I say "no". My husband and I are still pinching ourselves as he has been away for 3 months but, to look at him now all curled up and peaceful, you'd never think he'd been away. Never giver up, believe in the power of prayer - it does work. Back to

Walsall WS5
'Yew Puss' found c. 28th Jun.2009 - catchup
  • Found in the vicinity of Lilac Avenue, Yew Tree Estate
  • a young Brown Tabby cat with hardly any white at dall and Gold eyes
  • Sex not known

    Hi Lindsay< Despite extensive searches and leafletting my Mum's neighbourhood etc, checking for microchips and going door to door, Kitty Booley (for that is her name) is now living happily with us in Wednesbury.  We heard about a year ago that an elderly lady had passed away in a house that sort of backed on to my Mum and Dad's garden.  We think that Kit may have been her cat as she is real lap cat and likes to live a quiet life.  At the time she was discovered in my Mum's garden she was also apparently nipping into the garage of another back garden adjoining neighbour through a broken window and sleeping on one of their garden chairs - bless her!. So, although we never found her owner at least she is enjoying a happy and comfy life now and we love her very much.
    Regards, Gill

Ely CB7
Oscar missing 2 February.2012 - 17 February 2012
  • Oscar a 4yr old neutered and chipped SLH male with Green eyes
  • Tabby : Black Grey & Brown with a Black stripe down his back and distinctive Squirrel like bushy tail.. Bushy collar.

    Hi Sue, Thanks for your e mail.  Oscar returned safe and sound yesterday afternoon.  He's a bit skinny so we think he's been locked in somewhere.  We had an advert run in the local paper on Wednesday and suspect someone saw it and checked their shed!  Thanks for your help.  Good luck with the great work that you do.
    Kind regards
    Greg Clifton

York YO31
'Tiger Tabs' found June.2010 - catchup
  • Tiger Tabs a DSH male with Green eyes, unsure of age and whether neutered
  • Tabby: Black and Grey with a White bib, belly and paws.
  • In very good condition . Very timid / frightened. Though affectionate when you gain his confidence.
    Now adopted by finder

Dringhouses YO24
'StrayTom' found Aug.2009 - catchup
  • 'StrayTom' guestimated between 1 & 2yrs. DSH male with Green eyes
  • Black and White: mainly Black with small White markings on his front paws, and more predominant White markings, especially on one of
    his back legs. He also has a White chest and White whiskas. His face is totally Black, as is his tail.

    Taken to the RSPCA York Shelter, Landing Lane.
  • Thought to have been rehomed

Mount Batten PL9
Pippin found 14.February 2012 - 18 February 2012
  • At Stamford Fort car park
  • A DSH Dark Tortie cat
  • Brown, Ginger - Ginger stripe on face / nose. White paws & light Brown with Cream tip to tail.
    Pippin's find has since found that Pippen lives nearby.. good job done

Hounslow TW3
'Salvador' missing 13.September.2011 - 17.February 2012
  • Salvador a 2yr old DSH neutered and chipped male with Green eyes
  • Black and White : Black body, White mittens and socks, partly White face and chest, with distinctive Black moustache
    Salvador & I are home. Not that there was any doubt it was him after he purred & let me stroke him earlier (pre failed attempt to put in carrier), but he has gone straight behind the sofa, his hiding place in direst need. :o) Thank you all so much for your care and support throuh the long months and last hours. xxxxxxxxx

Mereside FY4

'Frankie formerley Lewis' missing 18 January 2012  - 12 February 2012

  • Frankie a neutered and chipped (to Easterleigh) 3yr old DSH male
  • Black and White. Black on top and tail, White underneath Pink nose with small Black mark
    Frankie is happily homesafe went home on sunday of his own accord

Clayton le Moors BB5
Monty found  January .2012 - c.16 February 2012
  • A DSH neutered male
  • Black with small White blaze on chest.  Auburn colour running through coat especially on tail..  could be due to winter coat.
  • wearing a red collar and looks far too healthy and is far to friendly to be a stray.
    Monty has now found his forever home

Bispham FY2
RIP 'Princess' missing 24.November.2011 - 15 Feb 2012
  • Princess a 6yr old spayed and chipped female with Green eyes
  • Black with White face, chest and front legs. Black mark on chin and down left side of her nose

    Princess missing from Bispham and thanks to her microchip has been found on Leeds Road in Blackpool.. in a very poorly state, is now with vets .. hoping she'll pull through.

    Princess today.
    Everyone please send vibes and virtual hugs for Princess
    and sending also a big thankyou to those who found her.

    Sadly Princess hasn't made it, happy that her humans caught up with her before too late.. RIP babe

Blackpool FY1
'Fluffball  Lowie' found 16.Jan.2011 - catchup
  • Fluffball a Fluffy Black with White cat  Yellow eyes
  • Mainly Black back with a bit of White. Has White ears and paws. Head is mainly Black but has a White stripe running through it. Back legs mainly Black. White nose but seems to have a little dark smudge on it. This cat has the fluffiest tail I've ever seen.
  • Now with Cats Paws
  • Presumed to have been rehomed

Blackpool FY1
found 30.Nov.2009 - catchup
  • Large DSH entire male
  • Ginger and White, White chest and paws. Chubby Cheeks. Deformity one leg.
  • Now with Easterleigh 01253 789185
    presumed to have been rehomed

Blackpool FY1
'Lucky' found 27.Jul.2010 - catchup
  • Lucky a DSH Kitten aprox.. 5wks old
  • Black
    Rehomed by finder

South Shore FY1
'Bob' found 18.Mar.2011 - catchup
  • Bob a DSH entire male with Green eyes
  • Tabby : Brown / Black spots on back
    Owner collected

Thornton FY5
Found  January. 2012
  • A mature DSH Ginger cat
  • Found at Morrison's carpark
    Note: Found at Morrison's carpark Thornton.. went to a fosterer while searching for an owner... Ginger suffered.. refused to eat despite a full check up by vets..and it is thought that he may be pining.. Therefore he has had a collar fitted and shall be returned to the spot he was found.
    Luckily this cat once put back where he was found, managed to find his way home.. and finder and owner now in touch..Owner made aware of his escapades and hopefully will be monitoring closely.

Blackpool FY4
Found July.2011 - catchup
  • Minime a DSH cat
  • All Black
    Minime is homesafe

Blackpool FY4
Found July.2011- catchup
  • Beauty a very skinny (starving) believed to be neutered male
  • Black with small area of White hairs on chest.
  • Beauty is homesafe

Grange Park FY3
'Ebony' missing since 1.Jun.2010 - catchup
  • Ebony a 2yr old spayed female with Golden eyes
  • Black all over apart from a little White under her belly
    Ebony is homesafe

Colchester CO2
'Paddy' found 22.Aug.2010 - February 2012
  • Paddy a young entire DSH male with Green eyes
  • A DSH Tabby cat. Grey Tabby with White chest 4 White paws
    His adoption by his finders made official today.. though I know that Paddy had already decided from the day he moved in..

South Shore FY4
'Sooty' missing since 14.Jul.2011
  • Sooty a 2yr old neutered Fluffy male with Green eyes
  • All Black no markings

    Hi Sue, could you please remove Sooty (c5009) from your lost page. He's been found safe and well and is back home.

Maidstone ME15
Farley missing since 2 February .2012 - 6 February 2012
  • Farley a 4yr old Fluffy male with Green eyes
  • Maine Coon (lookalike) Taupe / Black / White -White underbody and paws. One back leg all White
    Hi Sue
    Sorry but another update for you! I got a call this morning from someone who had seen my ad about Farley saying he was with them, safe and well. I can't believe it actually worked but am really pleased it did!
    Kind regards

Aylesford ME20
'Merlin' missing 2 January .2012 - 7 February 2012
  • Merlin a 9mth old neutered and chipped DSH male with Yellow eyes
  • A Distinctive Tabby with Spotty tummy and Ginger nose, and very short and smooth coat. Quite small and kittenish
    ‎****STOP PRESS***** MERLIN HOME SAFE!!! I have been trudging round the lorry yard where the animal communicator told me to look... went out tonight calling as usual and saw a little cat dart across the road and hide under a car at the front of the lorry yard. I lured him out with some cat treats and realised it was Merls!! For the first time I'd forgotten the pillowcase so rang my husband and he dashed over with the carrier. I can't stop crying.. and he won't leave my side. Thank you so much everybody for all your support and encouragement, it means so much to me. And for everybody still searching, I pray for a happy ending for you too xxx

Thornton Cleveleys FY5
C50 Found  30 December. 2011 - 6 February 2012
  • An aprox 10mth old neutered DSH male with Yellow eyes
  • Black with two White toes on left front leg and a few White hairs on chest
  • Healthy and vocal
    This one now has a loving new home
    All at Wadsworth Vets

Askern DN6
Garfield Missing  23 January 2012 -
  • Garfield a 10mthold DSH male with Golden eyes
  • Ginger with White paws, bib , a stripey tail and spots on belly
    Pleased to say that Garfield is homesafe

Leyland PR5
Reuben found  November .2011 - February 2012
  • Reuben a 2-3yr old neutered male
  • Ginger and White
  • A stray since November possibly longer
  • Now rehomed

Blackpool FY4

Found January. 2012

  • A young DSH cat
  • Black and White.. wearing collar
    Now rehomed

Blackpool FY3
Pixel found 4. January .2012
  • A young all Black cat
    Now found his forever home

St Annes FY8
Bella missing 28 January 2012 - 4 February 2012
  • Bella a 4yr 8mth old DSH chipped...9195 female with Green eyes
  • Tortie / Calico.. Ginger / Dark Brown / White
    We've got Bella home. A woman called this afternoon after seeing the lost advert in the gazette . Bella has been around the British Legion / Oxford Road for the last week !! So relieved to have her back

Great Linford MK14
Elma missing 27 January 2012 - 4 February 2012
  • Elma a 7yr old DSH spayed female with Green eyes
  • Silver Grey Tabby
    Hi Sue Just a quick message to let you know that Elma has just come home safely. Thanks for your help.

Longton PR4
Kenny missing since 8 January 2012
  • Kenny a 5/6yr old DSH neutered and chipped male with Green eyes
  • Black and White: White tip on end of Black tail Black marking under chin
    looks like eyeliner around eyes Pink nose with small scar
    Pleased to say that Kenny is now Homesafe

Blackpool FY4

Found 7 December. 2011 - January 2012

  • A DSH All Black cat with Green eyes
  • In good condition
    Now adopted by finders..
    Thanks for the service you provide for us cat owners. Its a shame his owner hasn't come forward but at least he now has a very good home with us.
    regards Cathy

Poulton le Fylde FY6
'Cat' found 26 December .2011 - 3 February 2011
  • Cat a young DSH cat with Green eyes
  • Black with tiny White patch on chest, really have to look to see it
  • In good condition, very thin but improving
  • Cat's owners have now been located

Bispham FY2
RTA Found .31 January 2012
  • Fatal RTA
  • Found Red Bank Rd junction Devonshire Road
  • Black and Tan... (tortie ?)
  • Collected 11.10am
  • 'Molly's' microchip ensured that her owners were found, Molly is now homesafe.. RIP babe

Penwortham PR1
Ron found  November .2011 - January 2012
  • Ron an 8yr old Fluffy neutered male
  • Black and White
    Ron has now found his forever home

Layton FY3

'Gerrard' missing 26 January 2012 - 29 January 2012
  • Gerrard a 10mth old chipped (to South Shore) DSH male with Yellow eyes
  • Black and White. White Flash Black mask chin chest and front legs. Long White boots at back.
    Bless the Baileys :) Gerrard had travelled from Layton to Preston New road in 3 days.. they'd looked after him until they'd tracked his owner down.

Blackpool FY1
KC missing 17 January 2011 - 24 January 2012
  • KC an 8yr old Fluffy female with Green eyes
  • Mainly Grey and very fluffy. White paws. White fur on neck and Amber down nose
    Hi Sue just to let you know that K.C -
    grey fluffy female cat has returned home safe and well Phew !

Sandhurst GU47
Phoebe missing 31 December.2011 - 15 January 2012
  • Phoebe an 18mth old DSH female with Yellow / Green eyes
  • Grey all over
    Phoebe is homesafe

Blackpool FY4
Thomas missing 10 January.2012 - 23 January 2012
  • Thomas a 2yr old DSH neutered and chipped male with Gold / Yellow eyes
  • Ginger Tabby
    Very pleased to say that Thomas is homesafe.. seems as though he may have been trapped nearby

Camberley GU17
RIP 'Buster'' missing 2 Dec.2011 - 21 January 2012
  • Buster a DSH neutered male
  • Grey and White with faint Tabby markings, left leg is primarily White
    Subject of RTA.. Buster, Sweet Buss, was returned to his family this evening.

Upper Beeding BN44
'Harry' missing since 11.Dec.2010 - 28 Jan 2012
  • Harry an 8yr old DSH neutered male
  • Classic Tabby, small bite mark at the top of ear

    Harry has returned home !!

Ribbleton PR2
Treacle found c.April .2011 - January 2012
  • Treacle an aprox.. 2yr old DSH Dark Tortie female
  • Around the Ribbleton area since April
  • Now rehomed

Great Eccleston PR3
Mystic Meg found August .2011  - January 2012
  • Meg around 18mth old DSH Female
  • Although not feral was part of a colony since June aprox
    Now Rehomed

Willington Quay NE28
'Benny' missing since 27.December 2011 - 3.January 2012
  • Benny a 9mth old neutered and chipped DSH male with Light Brown eyes
  • Tabby Grey with Dark Stripes
    Pleased to say that Benny has returned after 7 days away.

Mariners View CT5
RIP 'Giblet' missing since 22 Apr.2011 - January 2012
  • Giblet 5yr old chipped and spayed DLH female with Yellow eyes
  • White with Tabby: Brown head with Tabby markings on top.
    White around neck and belly. White legs. White, Brown, White, Brown through body with a very fluffy Brown tail.

    Now Homesafe.. victim of RTA

Hesketh Bank PR4
Found c.31 December .2011 - Jan 2012
  • A DSH Classic Tabby / Tortie cat
  • Very Timid
    Now Rehomed

We at Moggy do our best to be here for all those 'Moggy' People who need support - we take no credit for finding the cats on our homesafe pages - that is due to the humans who go through untold traumas, and heartache to get their loved ones back and we salute you.
Also to our Moggy helpers who lend a hand with all sorts of tasks including acting as lookout and helping with the internet or actively joining in with the distribution of posters and fliers - thankyou all.
Thanks also to the Rescuers who work tirelessly to find owners or provide forever homes for their charges - Well done.