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Tockwith YO26
Kooki found 12 April. 2013
  • A DLH cat with Sandy coloured eyes
  • All Black

contact: 07551 961964 email

Sessay YO7
'Filanderer' found 8 December. 2011
  • A young adult DSH cat with Amber eyes (unsure of sex)
  • Tabby with four White socks, tear in left ear
  • Found in Meadowcroft

contact: 07738 097501 email

Beeford YO25
'Oscar' found March / April. 2011
  • A DSH neutered male with Yellow eyes
  • Black with White underbelly and White socked feet
  • Very healthy, friendly - a little timid
  • Found on St Leonards Close
  • Owner or new home needed

contact: 07835 806797 email

Escrick Park YO19
'Tabby' found Nov. 2010
  • Tabby a DSH female with Green eyes
  • a Full Tabby coat. Small cat, bur very friendly and obviously not wild
  • Found at Queen Margarets School..
  • I will be contacting York Cats Protection soon to get the cat rehomed if no-one comes forward.

contact: 07512 979301 email

Filey YO14
'Max' found
  • Max a DSH neutered male, unsure of age
  • Light Grey Tabby with White stripes and a tint of Ginger Stripes
  • With neighbour..
  • Found on Airy Hill

contact: 07805 792729 email

Bishopthorpe YO23
RIP 'Lily' found 22.Oct.2009

A DSH cat sex unknown
Grey with pale Ginger Stripes and White points
Found on Sim Balk Lane..
contact: 07984 713050  email

Newton-on-Ouse YO30
'Blacky' found ca Feb.2008

Visiting garden for food in the area of Moor Lane
All Black DSH male with Green eyes
Noticed him about 1 year ago, he comes and goes.
Seems to be all black, can't get close enough to see any small markings, he is a bit scruffy and 'weather worn' from living rough.
Living in our area for at least one year..very, very shy, I put out food but he won't let you touch him., not sure where he sleeps, he eats in our garden in the early afternoon, evening.

contact: 01347 848025 email

Newton-on-Ouse YO30
'Tabby' found ca end Jan.2009

Found in the finders shed in the area of Moor Lane
An adult DSH Dark Brown Tabby not sure of age or sex.
contact: 01347 848025 email

York YO32
'Woody' 14th Oct.2008

On our way home from work this evening, a cat ran straight out in front of our car and was run over. I took the cat to the side of the road, and it died instantly.
The cat looked old and was solid black with white socks. Its tail was solid black. It wasn't wearing a collar. We left the cat in the private wooded area to the left hand side of St Andrew's Church on Huntington Road, opposite the Flag and Whistle pub.

Should you have the owner contact you to look for the cat, please send them our sincere apologies, and let them know we did everything we could to save it, but that it died very quickly.

I feel terrible leaving the cat, but thought it best incase someone wanted to identify it.

Jane Taylor contact: email

Weaverthorpe YO17
'Sooty' found beginning of Aug.2008

Sooty a young DSH cat with Green eyes
All Black.
In good condition. Quite skinny when he first arrived.
contact: 01944 738841 email

Barlby YO8
'Dk Tortie' Found Dec.2005
Found in December '05 in Barlby, Near Selby, N. Yorks. Fluffy female dark tortoiseshell in good condition. Has collar, not chipped. Used to magnetic cat flap. Would love owner to have this friendly cat back.
Contact: Margaret on 01757 707905

Please report all 'found' cats
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