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Longford WA2 'Rolly' found c. 28August 2016
  • DSH entire male in poor condition
  • Ginger and White
  • Found on Northway
  • contact  email

Great Sankey WA5 RTA found 15 June 2015
  • RTA found on Park Road by Charles Avenue
  • Young adult Black fluffy cat
  • contact Four Paws Vets 01925 723966
    photo held

Chappleford WA5 RTA found 11 December 2014
  • RTA found on Bostern Boulevard roundabout on the approach to Chappleford Village
  • DSH Black male cat with small White patch on back end.
  • Wearing Pink / White collar with Fish shapes
  • Taken to Reeces vets where it was pts
  • contact: Vets 01925 232221

Norley WA6 Rosie found August 2014
  • Found on School Lane
  • A DSH tabby female in good condition
  • Contact: 01928 787400 email

Haydock WA11 Sankey found September 2014
  • A DLH Tabby and White cat
  • Found on Quayle Close
  • Very fluffy tabby with arge White areas.
  • Seems in good condition.. no collar
  • contact: email
  • more

Great Sankey WA5 Found 18 May 2013
  • A DSH Black and White cat
  • Found on Park Road
  • Very vocal / friendly
  • contact: 07737 803373 email
  • more

Hale WA15 Found 18 May 2013
  • A Fluffy Tortie / Tabby and White cat
  • Found on Laburnum Lane
  • more
    NB.. this cat is said to have moved on from this address, but should still be in the area if the owner is searching. We'd appreciate an update if this happens.

Great Sankey WA5 Hobo found 2013
  • Hobo a stocky DSH male with Green eyes
  • White, poor coat, scratches to ears and face...
  • Wandering around the area of Alderbank Road, Belmont Crescent and Co-op
  • contact: 01925 722167 email

Haydock WA11 Ebber found 24 December 2013
  • Ebber an aprox 2yr old DSH male with Green eyes
  • Black with White 'V' bib White paws, whiskers and patch on tummy.. in very good condition
  • Found on Wedge Avenue
  • contact: 07914 547486 email
  • more

Grappenhall WA4 Puddy found 2013
  • Puddy a DSH female with Green eyes
  • Brown / Chocolate Tabby , with White patch under chin
  • very timid
  • visiting gardens on Chester Road
  • contact: 01925 638251 email

High Legh WA16 Clarence found December 2013
  • Clarence an aprox 2 - 3yr old DSH male
  • Grey spot Bengal with Blue eyes
  • Found Swineyard Lane / Moss Brow Lane
  • contact: 07736 131548 email
  • more

Warrington WA1 Jasper found 21 October 2013
  • Jasper an aprox 5yr old neutered DSH male with Green eyes
  • Black and White Tuxedo cat
  • Found on Kingsway Road North
  • contact: 07803 049772 email

Runcorn WA8
Mila found 21 October 2013
  • Mila a DSH cat.. age and sex unknown
  • Black with White and Brown patches
  • Found on Linnets Park, Busway
  • contact: 07590 590091 email

Orford WA2
SadCat found 1 August 2013
  • SadCat a middle aged DSH entire male
  • Grey Tabby
  • found on Long Lane
  • contact: 01925 637994 email
  • more

Sutton Manor WA9
Dolly found 13 June 2013
  • Dolly a Senior DSH female with Green eyes
  • Black with White paws, tummy , chest and chin. A single Black toe on her back left paw.
  • Very thin and weak, possible heart condition
  • contact: 01744 814403 email
  • more

Runcorn WA7
Iris found 16 July 2013
  • Iris an aprox 7yr old DSH female with Blue eyes
  • All White.. very dirty totally unkempt
  • Found near Holiday Inn
  • contact: 07905 562630 email
  • more
  • Owners or good home wanted

Altrincham WA14
RTA found 13 June 2012
  • Fatal RTA on Manchester Road by Halfords
  • A completely ginger cat.. no white
  • removed by local street services

Warrington WA5
RTA found 23 May 2012
  • Fatal RTA on Cromwell Avenue
  • involving Ginger and White cat
  • Will be picked up by street services and kept for 7days.
    Owners contact School Brow Depot  to collect 01925 638464

Warrington WA2
RTA found 22 May 2012
  • Fatal RTA on Pentland Avenue
  • involving Black Cat
  • Will be picked up by street services and kept for 7days.
    Owners contact School Brow Depot  to collect 01925 638464

Birchwood WA3
RTA found 16 April 2012
  • Fatal RTA on Ordnence Ave / Randshank Ave
  • Tabby Cat
  • Now cremated.
    contact   email

Longford WA2
Sooty found c.November 2011
  • Sooty a DSH cat
  • All Black small to medium sized with shortish tail. Short haired but quite fluffy
  • Found on Armour Avenue, Longford

contact:07938816122  email

Lowton WA3
Softie found c.March 2011
  • Softie a Fluffy cat with Yellow / Green eyes
  • Grey and White
  • Hanging around outside the Co-op shop at Lowton for 5mths now.
  • He/she has a beautiful nature and must have been well loved. Most of the customers feed him/her and I usually buy him/her some cat food whenever I go there. Am tempted to take this lovely cat home with me but I keep hoping the owner will show up. No collar.

contact:07545 529645  email

Great Sankey WA7
Angel found 21 July.2011
  • Near the Butchers Arms pub in Gt Sankey
  • A DSH Ginger Tabby and White cat

contact:01925 722143 email

Runcorn M56 WA7
RTA found 26 June.2011
  • On M56 near the barriers on a verge in the middle of the motorway near Runcorn
  • Long haired Black cat, the cat was deceased but we could not stop will notify Halton council

contact:01925 722143 email

Haydock WA11
Hilda' found June.2011
  • A young DSH female with Green eyes
  • Black with White paws, very vocal and friendly
  • Shes already had four kittens which i havnt seen now for a couple of days. In good condition now as ive been feeding her
  • Wearing a Red collar when found on Salisbury Road, Haydock Industrial Estate.

contact:07974 144050 email

Gt Sankey WA5
'Kitty' found June.2011
  • On Park Road in bushes around Dawson House United Utilities
  • A DSH Black cat with Green eyes

contact:01925 722143 email

Gt Sankey WA5
'Munchkins' found June.2011
  • On Park Road in bushes around Dawson House United Utilities
  • A DSH Grey Tabby cat

contact:01925 722143 email

Gt Sankey WA5
'RTA' found 6June.2011
  • On Sycamore Lane
  • A young adult Light Brown Tabby cat with Red Collar

contact:07899 043615

Newton le Willows WA12
'Coolio' found 17.Sept.2010
  • Coolio an aprox 9-12mth old SH entire male with Yellow eyes
  • Sable coat
  • Found on Pennington Drive

contact:01925 292051 email

Palacefields WA7
'Lucky' found March.2009

Lucky an adult DSH male
Black with Slight white 'star' on his chest i.e. just a few white hairs, otherwise all black.
In good condition, but has been in a few fights, so is a bit scarred now.
Found in the area of The Uplands..  The cat comes into both mine and my neighbour's house.

contact: 01928 751280 email

Hale Barns WA15
'Buster' found Early Feb.2009

'Buster' a neutered male found in the Trafford area
Marbled Tabby - no chip.

contact: email

Stockton Heath WA4
Found c.12th Sept.2006

Black cat with Green eyes found in the area of Montclare Crescent.
Local, wandering between houses of the crescent. not known in the area hasn't been reported missing.
Thin with no collar, coat good, seems to have been well looked after,  very friendly have taken it in last few days starting to put on weight
contact: 01925 267259 email

Great Sankey WA5
Found 25th Mar.2007

Today I saw a cat that had sadly been hit and was dead by the side of the road in the WA5 district - Great Sankey, Warrington. It was a tabby black/brown with a slight marble colour as opposed to striped.
I was unsure what to do but if it is still there in the morning I will see if I can contact somebody to collect him.
The cat was found on Liverpool road dual carriageway.


Great Sankey WA5
'Sankey' found c.18th Nov.2007

I have acquired a stray tabby and white male cat within the last week. 
Sadly he is not but I have taken him in out of the cold and hope he can be reunited with his owner.  He is neutered but not microchipped and has been living as a stray at Great Sankey train station for at least two months

contact: 07881 817369 email

St.Helens WA10
Found c.Jan.2008
There is a white cat roaming and being fed in St helens area. Will not go near people.
contact: email

Helsby WA6
'Sir Alan' found May.08

Large black/white neutered male found in Helsby area of Cheshire.No microchip not wearing a collar, had been around since beginning of May. We have called him Sir Alan
He is currently being cared for by Paws Inn

contact: Paws Inn 01606 851764 email

Knutsford WA16
'Rose' found June.2008

Just had this lovely girl brought to me, she is ancient and a bag of bones; hopefully someone is missing her. She has been in a garden in Knutsford Cheshire for several days and all attempts to trace an owner have been in vain.
She is seeing the vet this afternoon as we are concerned for her health, it is possible she has an owner who mistakenly believes she has gone away to die.
We have called her Rose. Currently being cared for at Paws Inn Weaverham.

contact: Paws Inn 01606 851764 email