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Barnsley S70
'Mini Me' found 18.September.2011
  • Mini Me an aprox. 4-6mth old DSH entire male with Golden Brown eyes
  • Black with Whte markings on face (like a mask) and paws, chin are Black
  • No collar, in good condition
  • Found on Park Grove
contact: 07866 254682 email

Stocksbridge S36
'Honey' found 28.July.2011
  • Honey a DSH female with 'Wheat coloured eyes
  • White and Ginger: Mainly white with Ginger patches.White legs and paws, nose, lower face and chest. Top half of head ginger stripey, ginger ears, tail, and Ginger patches on back.
  • Chipped and registered to 2 addresses one of which is Leeds, but number is disconnected
  • Unable to take indoors as I have dogs,
  • Found on Newton Avenue
contact: 07979 943789 email

Dronfield Woodhouse S18
'H.Robinson' found 10.Jan.2010
  • 'H.Robinson' aprox 3-5yr old Fluffy female with Yellow eyes
  • Silver Tabby cat: Silver with Black Stripes
  • In Good condition
  • Found on Hogarth Rise..

contact: 07969 658719 email

High Green S35
'Lisa' found before Feb.2009
  • Lisa a DSH cat with Yellow / Green eyes- age and sex unknown
  • Black and White approx 50/50 split. Small build. End of tail looks dark brown. Silent/quiet meow.
  • Has been fed locally but is still underweight. Has a slight 'cough', although not sure if hairball or something else.
  • Found in the Sundown Gardens area

contact: 07817 939802 email

Commonside S10
'Ickle Blacky' found 23.Aug.2009
  • 'Ickle Blacky' a DSH cat with Yellow eyes - unsure of age or sex
  • Black: Very small, all black with a few odd white hairs.Quite thin but may be due to build.
  • Found outside my door at Steelbank Villas..

contact: 07851 278855 email

Sheffield S7
'Lilly' found circa end of July 2009
  • 'Lily' a DSH female with Green eyes
  • All White , small and slim
  • Found at Kenwood Hall - Living at the hotel
    contact: 01142 583811

Dore S17
'Cat' found May.2008
  • Found in the area of Newfield Crescent..
  • A White cat with Black markings and Yellow eyes.
    Aprox. 7-10 yrs.
  • Was thin but getting better now.
    contact: 01142 363231

A57 Beighton S13
'Sweetheart' found 13th Aug.2007
  • A long haired Tortie cat found on A57 near the roundabout junction with Beighton Road Near Beighton Sheffield S13, I found this cat on Monday 13th August around 9.30am she had been hit by car, the driver nor anyone else passing had stopped, I don't know how long she had been there.
  • Although I was almost sure she was dead as she was still warm I took her straight to the vets who confirmed that unfortunatly I was correct.
  • They scanned her but didn't find a microchip, they said they would send her to the crematorium I knew I wouldn't like this to happen to my cat so I took her home with me and have buried her in the garden next to one of my cats and planted a flower above.
  • To try and help anyone confirm that it was actually their cat I took a couple of photo's (trying to make it look like she was sleeping)and have kept her collar. Not sure if I've done the right thing but did what I would hope someone would do if they found one of my cats on the road.

Loundsley Green S40
'Elvis' found 3rd Oct.2006
  • 'Elvis' a DSH cat not sure of sex.
  • Colour - Grey, in good condition, just lost, it followed a lady from the intersection of Loundsley Green Road with Pennine Way all the way down to the shopping precinct and then followed her to the local take away.
  • She was unable to help it as she had a rather keen terrier at home.
  • Now outside the shopping area on Pennine Way at Loundsley Green, Chesterfield...
    contact: 07818 434198 email

nr Chapeltown S35
Found 10th Aug.2006
  • I've just found a cat unfortunately its been in a RTA. Its quite a big cat, black and wearing fluorescent yellow collar.  I think he could possibly be male.
  • We live in Chapeltown, North Sheffield. It was found on Cowley Lane/ Hill on the way out of the main village.
  • I'm sure it happened today as I would have noticed it on the way to work this morning. Its right near a housing estate so I would think it has a home nearby.
  • On the map link - the green arrow should be further to the right, just near to the wooded area.

Sheffield S6
Found 3rd Aug.2006
  • A 6 mth? old DSH female with Green eyes
  • Tabby, ginger with white feet, face and belly
  • In Good condition Not microchipped or spayed
  • Found at Fire Station Pond, Rivelin Valley Road Sheffield S6
    T: 07877 003447 email

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