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" NN "

Irthlingborough NN9
Puddie found .c. December.2012
  • Found on Finedon Road
  • a DSH Black cat with small White medallion on chest
  • Owners or loving home wanted
  • contact: email 07825 351223
  • more

Lings NN3
Found .4 November .2012
  • Found on Tyes Court
  • A DSH Black and White female estimated at 5 - 6mths

contact:07960 043926 email

Kettering NN15
Found .August.2011
  • Trouble a young adult DSH female with Green eyes
  • Silver Grey Classic Tabby with well defined stripes, small White area around chin
  • Skinny and affectionate
  • Found on East Avenue

contact: 01536 411363 email

Corby NN18
Found 13.August.2011
  • An aprox. 1yr old entire DSH male with Green / Brown eyes
  • Black With White paws White stomach White upper lip
  • Found on Rochester Road

contact: 07742 554511 email

Corby NN18
'Lilly' found 6.May.2010
  • Lilly an aprox 2yr old DSH female with Golden Green eyes
  • Black and White: White feet and bib, one White cheek
  • In very good condition
  • Found on Brandenburg Road

contact: 01536 742669 email

Grange Park NN4
'Jangles' around for several months
  • 'Jangles' a mature DSH male with Green eyes
  • Black and White : White paws, White top lip, White chest, White whiskers
  • May not be neutered? In fairly good condition, has been hanging around and stealing food for some months, have encouraged him in into the house for two weeks and realised he may be lost as he has now stayed in the house and garden full-time. Is not micro-chipped.
  • Wearing collar with bell
  • Found on Wake Way..

contact: 07773 389823   email

Brixworth NN6
'Gingernut' found 12th Aug.2009
  • 'Gingernut' a young adult DSH female with Green eyes
  • Ginger with White stripes at end of tail. Very friendly and fussy.
  • Good condition, has recently been spayed, fur just about grown
  • Found in the area of Ashway..
    contact: 07989 259104 email

Brixworth NN6
'Smudge' found 3rd Mar.2009
  • 'Smudge' a DSH cat (sex unknown)  Yellowish eyes
  • Black and White: Mostly black on the top with diamond
    shaped black smudge on the nose.
  • Seems to be in ok condition, is living in our garden and
    eating our cats food. Is losing weight and is sometimes sick.
  • Found in the area of Dairy Close
    contact: 07773 424997 email

Brixworth NN6
'Scruff' found c.Dec.2007
  • This cat is frequenting the area of Brackenborough...
  • A long haired Light Ginger cat, around for last 2.5 months
  • Can't get close enough for any more details
    contact: 01604 881915 email

Little Billing NN3
'Billi' Found 3rd Dec.2006
Black with White cat
  • 'Billi' a 1-3yr old DSH female with Golden eyes
  • Black with a White bib, White front paws and White back legs.
  • In good condition when found in the area of Billing Aquadrome...

contact: 01604 401919 email

Rushden NN10
2 Cats found c.July.2006
Black cat
  • A black male cat with a chip out of his left ear. He is very friendly and chatty.
  • He was in a rough state and undernourished but he has been having two meals a day here for the last 2+ months and is coming along fine now. His coat is back to glossy and condition looks good. He was obviously a pet because you can see the collar mark around his neck. I don't think he is very old. Some nights he comes in via our cat flap and sleeps in the kitchen other times he just appears when he wants a feed. He is around here every day.
Black with white cat
  • The next one has also been hanging around our garden on and off for about the same trime, although for about 4 weeks you couldn't get near him. He had an injured front paw and was very undernourished with a really bad coat and eyes.
  • Over the last couple of weeks he has been accepting food put down to him. initially it made him sick but with time he has improved greatly. His paw has healed and the shine has come back to his coat. He is an older cat with hints of grey. He has a chip out of both ears. He has a circle round his neck where he obviously used to have a collar. He is very friendly now with us but timid of strangers. I do not think he had been neutered although I am no expert on the subject :-)
  • He is black with hints of grey and some white on his chest and belly. He also has two white patches underneath plus a small patch of white on his left fron paw on the underside. He has hardly moved from our house for the last 5 days.

contact: 07801859259

Northampton NN2
'Mr Hobo' Found 22nd Feb.2006
Tabby cat
  • Brown male Tabby cat -
  • He is sleeping alot at the moment. He is a male, over 10, was not castrated or identichipped.  Brown and black tabby, white nose, front paws and back legs.  (not sure about his chest and tummy yet)
  • Has been on the streets for a while.  Found in NN2 area of Northampton.

This cat was found while searching for my own cat Cuba in Northampton


" NN "