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Nuthall NG6
Found 9 November 2014
  • A Fatal RTA involving a Black and White cat
  • By side of Low Wood road opposite cemetary

Westwood NG16
Found August 2014
  • An aprox 4-5mth old DSH female
  • Full Tabby wearing Red collar
  • Found on Barrows Hill Lane
  • contact: . 07872 633566 / 07989 308255
  • more

Arnold NG5
Kitty found 30 July 2014
  • Kitty a young adult DSH female with Yellow / Green eyes
  • White with Tabby.. White under belly, legsand face. Tabby back and tail Pink nose
  • Found on Arnot Hill Road
  • contact: 07928 725584 email

Edwalton NG12
Found 4 August 2013
  • A Fluffy female
  • Classic Silver Tabby and White
  • Visiting residence on Croft Road
  • More
  • contact email  07934 535543 (quote ref:number)

Beeston NG9
Sweetie Found 28 February 2012
  • A DSH entire ? male
  • Black with White paws chest and tummy, White tip on his tail.. has a few scars and is quite timid
  • More
  • contact email  07974 671689 (quote ref:number)

Spion Kop NG20
Found 19 October 2012
  • A DSH cat with Green eyes
  • Black and white cat.. a little black spot marking on his/her left nostril/nose.very friendly.predominantly Black from waist down. Black markings elsewhere.White front paws and legs. Black stripe under chest
  • Very friendly
  • Found on Mansfield Road
  • Now being rehomed by Kirkby Cats home (01623 756592)
  • contact: email    more

Bulwell NG6
Ray found c.23 September 2012
  • Ray an aprox. 1yr old DSH entire male with yellow eyes
  • White with Black patches..
  • In good condition not chipped.
  • Found near the Londis on Highbury Road.
  • contact: 07824878777

Long Eaton NG10
Moggy found 7 May 2012
  • Moggy an aprox 2-3yr old Fluffy female with Green eyes
  • Brown and Golden with small White patches on belly
  • In good condition looks well looked after, wearing Red Collar.
  • Got out of a delivery van on Rosedale Close
  • contact 097896 219967 email

Helpringham NG34
Found February 2012
  • Ricky a DSH male
  • Mink colour
  • Reasonable condition
  • Found on School Lane

contact 07525 642652 email

Langley Mill NG16
Found 22 January 2012

contact 01246 825165

Sawley NG10
Found November.2011
  • An aprox. 2-4yr old DSH male with Gold coloured eyes
  • Ginger and White, in good condition.
  • Found at the Frog & Leggitt pub Tamworth Road

contact 07969 074705

Selston NG16
'Noname' found Sept.2011
  • Noname a DSH cat with Yellowish eyes
  • Apricot / White : Light ginger with white legs tummy and on tail..some white around mouth....pretty face
  • Being fed by neighbours : In situe
  • Found on Crescent Road

contact:07772 736128 email

Beeston NG9
'Flower' found 3.Sept.2010
  • Flower a 7-8mth old DSH female with Yellow eyes
  • Grey, White and Black Tabby
  • Wearing an Orange Collar with Pattern and Bell - Owner to identify the pattern.
  • Found on Murden Way

contact: 07590 336765 email

Hucknall NG15
'Poppett' found 17.Apr.2010
  • Poppett appears to be young.. Short haired..
  • White with Black patches
  • Small and thin, not sure what sex but has no dangly bits
  • Visits garden on Violet Grove at night only
    contact: 07737 713999 email

Sneinton NG2
'Thomas' found 3.Mar.2010
  • Thomas around 5yrs old was entire Long haired Maine Coone X
  • Black: Extremely large sized, Black no collar.
  • Tiny, almost non exisitant ears
  • Found in the Sneinton area
  • Now with RACR

contact: 05602 383367 email

Beeston NG9
'Charlie' found 9.Feb.2010
  • Charlie aprox 6mth - 1yr old. DSH male with Green eyes
  • Mackeral Tabby: Brown & Black stripes, spotted tummy markings.
  • Excellent condition, fairly sure he is male / neutered.
  • Found near Beeston train station, outside my flat, doesn't want to move very far.

contact: 01158 753901 email

Wollaton NG8
'LittleCat' found Feb.2010
  • A young ? DSH female with Green eyes
  • Brownish fur (burmese or similar )
  • Looks well fed, Very friendly and affectionate with people but hostile to other cats.
  • Wearing Shiny black plastic collar, not safety, no id. has small silver crown decoration.
  • No response to paper collar worn for three days.No microchip.
  • Found on Riseholme Avenue
    Now with Cats Protection - Nottingham Branch.

contact: email

Mansfield NG19
'Freya' found 1st July.2008
  • Found in the area of Dunn Brigg..
  • A female cat - Black all over with a few strands of White fur. Green eyes and a small bit of the edge of the ear is missing. She also looks like she has recently been spayed as she has been shaved on her left side.
  • The vet advises this is due to being recently spayed, fur is regrowing so will have been spayed approx 2 months ago. Very friendly with adults and children, especially my 4 yr old. Its living in my mothers garden but we are feeding it and providing shelter.
  • Good condition, a bit on the thin side.
    contact: 01623 655911 email

Langley Mill NG16
'Tabatha' found 18th Aug.2007
  • 'Tabatha' a DSH female with Green eyes
  • Mostly White in colour but does have some different colour face and body markings
  • She looks like she has been looked after but when we found her she was wet through very scared and very hungry, and was found near a busy road meowing, after going back for the third time and she was still there we decided it was best to bring her home
    contact: 01773 534890 email

Wollaton NG8
August 2006
  • Hanging around in my mums garden in the Pembury Road/Russell Drive area, a young 'female' I think.
  • Long haired, smoky grey all over, small build, with Green eyes
    In good condition but hungry
    tel:0115 8459671 email

September 2005
  • 'Wee Ginger' & White male is approx 5 months old (as checked by the vet)
  • Found in the Notts area...