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" NE "

Ellington NE61
Splodge found 21 July 2014
  • Splodge a young adult DSH neutered ? male
  • Black and White ..Black splodge on nose
  • Found on Windmill Heights
  • In situe
  • contact: 01670 862861 / 07798 828912  email

Heaton NE6
Little One Found December 2013
  • A DSH Tortie and White cat
  • Found in Heaton
  • contact: 07916 133020 email    more

Gosforth NE3
Found 29 November 2013
  • An aprox 6mth old neutered DSH cat with Green eyes
  • Black
  • Found in Gosforth
  • contact: 01912 847732 email

Northshields NE
Bob Found July 2012
  • An aprox 4-8yr old DLH cat with Yellow / Orange eyes
  • Black / Brown Huge cat very long fur
  • Found in Warehouse by Pest control.
  • contact: 07402 473871 email

Wallsend NE28
Found May 2012
  • A tortie long haired cat, very friendly
  • Nearly half Black ear Black. has White on chest  large Ginger and Black areas over body and White underbelly and legs. White patch over mouth and nose area
  • Followed finder home
  • contact: 07402 473871

Ashington NE63
Belle found 3 March 2012
  • Belle a young DSH female with Yellow eyes
  • White with 4 Black spots a Black tail and Black and White face
  • Very dirty, smelly and hungry.. Happy and healthy now
  • Found crying under car.
contact :01670 812683 email

Seaton Delaval NE25
'Malibu' found 14.November 2011
  • Malibu an adult DSH neutered male
  • White with Dark Tabby markings
  • Very healthy, very friendly
  • Found on farm , keeping there until owners found.
contact :07929 595929 email

Ashington NE63
'Kitty' found 29 October 2011
  • Kitty a young DSH female with Green eyes
  • Brown Tabby with Dark Black markings on her sides.
  • Heavily pregnant when found, otherwise very friendly in good condition
  • Found at Woodhorn Museum
contact : 07857 158287 email

Holystone NE27
'Oliver' found April.2011
  • Oliver a young adult DLH entire male with Gold eyes
  • Black : with white nose, chest, front right leg and undercarriage. Other legs have white socks.  White eyebrows. Very friendly and good-natured
contact : 07845 495503 email

Newcastle NE1
'Chester' found c. August.2011
  • Chester an aprox 1yr old Fluffy Male
  • Black with big White splash across back, all paws are White, Black splodge on chin
  • Very fluffy and friendly cat - no chip
  • Found on Claremont Road
contact :07771 643297 email

Blythe NE24
'Smokey' found 20 May.2011
  • Smokey an aprox 3yr old DSH male
  • Grey : Silver Tabby
  • Found at The Oval
contact : 07932 375428 email

West Allotment NE27
'Sausage' found May.2010
  • Sausage a DSH cat unsure of age and sex
  • Grey and White face, Grey over his right eye and over his nose
  • In good condition, bit skinny and eating only once a day at nighttime, stays in playhouse during the day and doesn't move but at night in our kitchen he comes alive!!!
  • Found on Cloverfield
    contact: email

Royal Quays NE29
'RIP' found 30.April 2010
  • Found on Northumbrian Way..
  • A Ginger Tabby cat with Green eyes, sadly decd. victim of RTA.
  • I think I have seen this cat there and around George Stephenson Way in the past. The cat wore no collar and there were no signs of injuries.
  • We did take a picture for ID purposes although it pained us to do so.
  • Now collected by the local council
    contact: email

Felling NE10
'TC' found c.Jul.2009
  • 'TC'  an entire male
  • White Tabby male , rough around the edges, pink nose with a black mark, very vocal
  • Lodging in my shed
  • If I have had no replys within a week I will contact the cats protection team

contact::07534 458945

North Shields NE29
'Grey' found 23rd Mar.2009
'Grey' c2973 a long haired Grey Tabby cat found in North Shields NE29
  • 'Grey' a Longhaired cat unsure of sex.
  • Smallish long-haired grey cat with white stripes. Some matting in fur, very friendly. Has faded silverish collar with bell.
  • Found in the North Shields area near to Marden Estate
    This cat went to the Benton cat and dog shelter on Saturday 28th March
contact : 01912 150435

Seaton Delaval NE25
'Betty' found 25th Nov.2008
  • 'Betty' a DSH cat found in the area of Sandown Close..
  • Dark Grey and White, age / sex unknown.
  • Seems healthy, looks like she? has been a stray for a while.
    contact: 07904213685 email

Wardley NE10
Found Jul.2006
  • I have a found a stray cat in the Wardley area of Gateshead in Tyne and Wear.
  • He has been living in my back yard for the past few weeks.
  • He is a 5-8yr neutered male has White paws and chest with Black mark on its nose he is on his way into care via local vet.
tel: 01914 280300  email

" NE "