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" ME "

ME 20
Dan found May.2013
  • A DSH White with Tabby cat
  • Visiting property on Station Way
  • First noticed May 2012, returned recently.
  • contact:07903 842510  email
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Thanet Way
ME 13
'Tortie' found 29.July.2011
  • I found a Light Tortoiseshell cat with dark feet  today, thin, prob 8+yrs, poor coat, no collar or microchip and small open wound on her neck but requires no sutures.
  • I found her just off the Thanet Way, Kent,(Goodnestone turn off) near Farming World.
  • She was eating bread from the road and did not move with cars zooming past her so I went back for her and took her to the nearest vets which was Lady Dane Veterinary Surgery in Faversham 01795 532180.
  • Now with Lord Whisky Sanctuary 01303 862622

contact:07966 781506  email

Sittingbourne ME
'Cat' found 2.Nov.2010
  • Cat an aprox.2yr old Fluffy male
  • Beige semi-longhaired Fluffy, with Tabby markings
  • Found in enclosed compound near Ruins Barn Road

contact:07976 028715 email

Maidstone ME16
'Boomerang' found 24.Sept.2010
  • Boomerang.. a Small 3+yr old DSH cat with Yellow eyes unsure of sex.
  • Black with White bib and White tips to paws.
  • In good condition
  • Found on White Rock Place

contact:07881 654266 email

Gillingham ME7
'Gill' found 15.May.2010
  • Gill a DSH entire male with Yellow eyes
  • Black and White
  • Found on Shakespeare Road
    contact: 07774 356618 email

Rochester ME1
Black Cat found 1st Jun.2008
  • Found in the area of Rochester Almshouses Watts Ave+ Roch/Maidstone Road
  • A DSH Black entire male with tiniest smattering of a group of white hairs situated on the abdomen , beneath the sternum and one long white hair from under his chin
  • He has Green eyes
  • Very skinny condition but good glossy coat. Have taken to vet
    for micro chip and there isn't one. He is very friendly and poss has oriental parentage as he is very vocal and chatty. The vet said he was about 18 months old.
  • He is clearly at ease in a home environment and has obviously had a home previously, and is happy to be around me and seeks out my company. I put a collar on him an wrote a message on it but had no response and the collar isn't removed. I will be taking him for neutering soon though as he is due for it.
    contact: 07594 390305 email

Rochester ME1
'Blacky' found c.May.2008
  • While looking for Phoebe we came across an adult, all Black - slightly browned from the sun, long haired - matted coat - the poor thing has mat balls hanging from belly and also it has a large bald spot on the side of head/neck - looks like it has been shaved - or could be where it has pulled out the matted hair.
  • I could not get close to the cat, but left food and water, which it did venture out to when I backed away.
  • The location of this puss is on the Laker Road Industrial Park, Rochester, Kent. and could have come from a nearby estate or crossed the airport field from a neighbouring town.
    contact: email