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Cats found in the 'KT' postal area

Claygate KT10
Mr Blue found March 2013
  • 'Mr Blue a DSH neutered male with Greeny eyes
  • All Grey
  • Found on Firs Close
  • contact: 07774 882047 email

Epsom KT19
'Bellecat' found Dec.2007
  • 'Bellecat' found in the area of Christchurch Road,
  • A large Tabby cat with Yellow eyes
  • Has distinctive walk - a little crouched at the back.
  • Wearing blue flea collar. Healthy, but obviously living outdoors (has had visible ticks). Not too friendly, we can't get a hold of him to take him to the vets. Eating well!

contact: 01372 724085 email

Epsom KT19
'Nick' found July.2007
  • 'Nick' aprox middle aged DSH cat with Green / Yellow with Brown Flecks.
    Black with White patches on chest and stomach. Has a Nick in right ear.
  • Good condition. Very friendly. Came into my house
    straightaway and seems more like he is looking for company rather than food. Has a very loud purr which sounds like a pigeon!  The cat is in my garden every day, morning and evening. This morning he was there at 6.15am asleep on a blanket on my bench so think he is definitely lost or abandoned rather than just visiting somewhere to be fed. My own cat is not very keen on him so I am trying to not let him come into the house, but he is a lovely cat.
    contact: 07908 317250 email

New Haw KT15
Found 20th Nov.2006
  • A young 6mths + Fluffy DHS male
  • Pure black with only one or two white hairs or whiskers and with Amber eyes.
  • Found in the Broomfield Road area...
    contact: 01932 348661( email

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