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" FY3 "

Blackpool FY3
RTA found  23 May 2016


  • A Ginger cat
  • Found on South Park Drive
  • No collar no chip
  • With council 01253 477477
    Photo's held  email

Blackpool FY3
RTA found  24 December 2015


  • A DSH Black cat
  • Found on Poulton Road
    With council 01253 477477

Blackpool FY3
RTA found  23 December 2015


  • A DSH Grey and White cat no collar no chip
  • Found on Bathurst Avenue
  • With council 01253 477477

Blackpool FY3
RTA found  October 2015


  • A DSH Mackeral Tabby cat
  • Found on Grange Road by Sayers
    Council contacted - finder 07472 765756

Blackpool FY3
RTA found  Sept 2015


  • A DSH Grey and White Barred cat with Brown collar
  • Found on Garstang Road West
    Now with council 01253 477477

Blackpool FY3
Found  17 June 2015


  • A DSH Black and White cat
  • Found on Forest Gate
  • contact: 07708 065965

Blackpool FY3
RTA 14 May 2015


  • Victim of RTA on South Park Drive
  • Black cat with Blue Flea collar
  • Now with council 01253 477477

Layton FY3
RTA 14 May 2015


  • Victim of RTA on Whitegate drive opp. Walk in Centre
  • It was white and grey, possibly some black. .. The car went right over it but it ran off limping into the carpark of the walkin center and we couldnt find it..
    Text 07974 671689

Layton FY3
RTA found April 2015


  • Victim of Fatal RTA on Brichway Avenie
  • A Black cat... with council 01253 477477

Blackpool FY3
RTA found 12 January 2015


  • Found on Whitegate Drive
  • DSH Distinctive classic Tabby cat
  • Taken to Bob Jones Vets 01253 402255
  • photo held

Blackpool FY3
Found decd January 2015


  • Found on or back Grenfell Avenue
  • DSH Tabby Cat Distinctive  a mix mackeral and classic
  • Taken to Alpha Vets 01253 393350
  • contact email
  • photo held

Grange Park FY3
Found 5 January 2015


  • Found by 64 Dinmore Avenue
  • DSH Black Cat
  • Removed / Held by council.. 01253 477477

Blackpool FY3
Found 2014


  • Found on Beechfield Avenue
  • a chipped...  9478  DSH female Tabby cat with Pink / Purple collar
  • contact:   01253 312996
  • Photo held
    Removed / Held by council.. 01253 477477

Blackpool FY3
Found 2014


  • Found on Whitegate Drive
  • a DSH Tortie / Calico cat
  • contact:    email
  • more

Blackpool FY3
Wombat found May 2014


  • Found on Dinmore Avenue
  • a DLH Black / Brown caste
  • contact: 07765 700787 email
  • more

Blackpool FY3
Fatal RTA found 4 December 2014


  • Found by Crystal Palace Takeaway 145 Devonshire Road.
  • a DSH Black cat
  • Now with Alpha Vets 01253 393350

Blackpool FY3
Found 12 October 2014


  • Found on Collingwood Avenue / Layton Road
  • a young DSH Ginger cat with White socks and chest  .. Black belt across tummy.
  • Now with Meadow Green Cattery  01772 687301

Blackpool FY3
RTA found 29 September 2014


  • On Staining Road by Palatine Close
  • A DSH Black and White cat
  • Moved on to the grass verge
  • Had been removed soon afterwards

Blackpool FY3
RTA found 8 September 2014


  • A DSH Black cat
  • As you turn left at the traffic lights of the junction A587(coming up from Stanley Park) and Preston New Road, between the light and Briercliffe Ave, on the grass verge
  • Still in situe today .. 9th Sept

Grange Park FY3
Kitten cats found 8 August 2014


  • 2 Kitten cats
  • Found Grange Park
  • contact (text) to 07887 245338

Blackpool FY3
Brian found July 2014


  • A young DSH male
  • Black and White
  • Found on Alder Grove
  • Now with Nine Lives contact: 01253 283349  10am - 4pm

Blackpool FY3
Nightshade found 2 June 2014


  • A small DSH Female with Green eyes
  • All Black
  • Found in a lock up unit by Boars Head Pub, Preston Old Road
  • contact: 07803 669058 email
  • more

Blackpool FY3
Nina found 11 May 2014


  • An older DSH Black and White cat
  • Underweight and unkempt
  • Found on Heron's Reach
  • contact  01253 789185 / 07733 887842
  • more

Layton FY3
RTA found May 2014


  • A  DSH Ginger and White cat
  • Visiting residence on Layton Road
  • contact: 07741 257649
  • more

Blackpool FY3
RTA found 26 January 2014


  • Victim of fatal RTA on Tyne Avenue
  • DSH Black and White cat
  • collected 11.30am
  • contact  Customer First  01253 477477

Blackpool FY3
Ginger found January 2014


  • An aprox 5-6mth old DSH male
  • All Ginger
  • Found on Annesley Avenue
  • contact: 07796 796419

Blackpool FY3

'Bertha' Found December 2013

  • An aprox. 5yr old female
  • Dark Tortie
  • Found on Newton Drive East
  • Now with NineLives contact: 01253 344396

Blackpool FY3

Laddy found 21 December 2013

  • A young DSH (entire male - could be wrong) with amber eyes
  • DSH Full Mackeral Tabby wearing Yellow/Green collar with Silver stars (rather tight)
  • In situe in the area of Maple Avenue
  • contact : 01253 305698 email
  • more

Layton FY3

RTA found 15 December 2013

  • Victim of Fatal RTA
  • A DSH Female Tabby with White cat
  • Corner of Cannock Avenue/Bispham Road, Layton, Blackpool
  • With Norcross Vets 01253 390189

Layton FY3

Found 6 December 2013

  • A SLH female
  • Black
  • Found on Layton Road.
    Owners needed quickly
    contact: 01253 393350 / 07531 748782

Blackpool FY3

RTA found 5 December 2013

  • Victim of fatal RTA on West Park Drive, Blackpool opp Stanley Park Gates
  • Dark Chocolate Brown and White wearing Brown collar
  • collected 9.00pm
  • contact  Customer First  01253 477477

Blackpool FY3

RTA found 22 November 2013

  • Victim of fatal RTA on Preston New Road / Pittsdale Avenue, Blackpool
  • Tabby cat
  • collected 13.30pm
  • contact  Customer First  01253 477477

Blackpool FY3

RTA found 27 October 2013

  • Victim of fatal RTA on St Walbergers Road, Blackpool
  • Black and White (maybe female) with Green eyes
    by the Hospital roundabout & St Walbergers
  • contact  01253 319638

Blackpool FY3

RTA found 26 October 2013

  • Victim of fatal RTA on Staining Road, Blackpool
  • Dark Grey or Black by the side of the road where the fields are around the Shaftesbury Avenue Junction.
  • contact email
    google map link

Normoss FY3

Kitte found 10 October 2013

  • Kitte a DSH female
  • All Black wearing 2 collars
  • Found on Herons Reach
  • contact: 07743 078404

Layton FY3

Arya found 24 September 2013

  • Arya  a 16-18wk old female with Yellow eyes
  • Black with White socks & some Black toes, whiskers and small patch of white on leg.. Has large hernia
  • Found on Onslow Road
  • Now with Andrew Mellor Vets
  • contact: 07621 803949
  • more

Layton FY3

Tubby found 10 September 2013

  • Tubby a DSH White cat with Classic Tabby markingson face like a mask and big patch on his back.
  • Looks well looked after with clean shiny coat
  • Found on Mansfield Road
  • contact: 07428 125295 email
  • more

Blackpool FY3

Jackie found 30 June 2013

  • A DSH female
  • Black with a slight Brown caste.. Little 'fluff' of white
  • Wearing a Blue flea collar when found on Oregon Avenue
  • contact: 07903 236144
  • more

Blackpool FY3

RTA found 20 June 2013

  • Fatal RTA involving DSH Black and White male
  • Chipped.. trying to contact owner
  • Found on Tarnbrook Avenue
  • in situe moved back from the road
    contact: 01253 893033

Blackpool FY3

RTA found 20 June 2013

  • Fatal RTA involving  a DSH cat (maybe neutered male)
  • Tabby
  • Found on Newton drive near zebra crossing just down from the roundabout
  • No collar no chip.. in situe back from the road
    contact: 01253 893033

Staining FY3

Found May 2013

  • A DSH entire male
  • White and Black
  • Found on Preston Old Road
    contact:  01253 315329

Staining FY3

Found c. 26 April 2013

  • A young DSH entire male
  • Black with small White bib , 4 White feet
  • Entire, no chip
  • Visiting residence on Staining Road
    contact:  01253 882829  more

Layton FY3

Polo found 20 February 2013

  • A young DSH female  with Green eyes
  • Black and White Felix type
  • Found in Layton Cemetary by Mansfield Road
  • contact: email

Grange Park FY3

Found February 2013

  • A DSH entire Classic Tabby male
  • involved in RTA on Dinmore Avenue
  • contact 07708 972217   more

Blackpool FY3

New to the Block 4 February 2013

  • A Fluffy classic Tabby cat
  • Looking a little unkempt
  • seen on the Forest Gate / Brian Road Block
  • contact email
  • more

Blackpool FY3

Found c. 22 December 2012

  • Subject of fatal RTA
  • A DSH Tortie Cat wearing Gold collar
  • Found on Collingwood Avenue and moved onto the pavement by the finder
  • contact 07947 839639  council informed

Blackpool FY3

Found c. December 2012

  • A DSH young neutered adult male with Yellow eyes
  • Ginger with Tabby markings
  • Visiting a residence in Caunce street twice daily for the last month
  • contact : 01253 397661 email

Blackpool FY3

Found c.15 December 2012

  • A DSH mature female
  • Black and White.. friendly has been out for a while
  • no collar no chip
  • contact : 07708 972217 / 07833 472363

Blackpool FY3

Found c.30 November 2012

  • A DSH cat
  • Ginger and White
  • Found on Draycot Avenue
  • contact email

Blackpool FY3

Found c.15 October 2012

  • A DSH entire male
  • Black , very friendly and no chip
  • Found on Hazel Grove
  • contact: email
  • (lookalike photo) Owners or new home needed.

Blackpool FY3

Found c.August 2012

  • a DSH cat with Yellow / Green eyes
  • Tabby / Tortie cat with White chest and paws
  • Visiting residence on Baines Avenue
  • losing condition
  • contact: 07805 336189 email

Blackpool FY3

Found c.3 October 2012

  • A DSH Dark Tortie cat
  • with nose ¾ ginger
  • Found on Hornby Road
  • wearing Silver collar
  • 01253 302257

Blackpool FY3

'George' Found 10 September 2012

  • A DSH White with Tabby cat taken into Alpha Vets Layton Road
  • Now with Ninelives
  • 01253 344396
  • More

Blackpool FY3

Found 4 September 2012

  • Subject of Fatal RTA by side of Whitegate drive just before the main junction with Preston New Road (the block between Honister Avenue and Preston New Road.)
  • A DSH adult.. White and Ginger
  • Noticed at aprox 8.30am.. removed by 5.40pm.
    If anyone has any information about this cat , please get in touch email

Blackpool FY3

Found 29 August 2012

  • A DSH mature spayed female cat
  • Seems to have been well fed and a good weight for her size.
  • Rescued from a tree at Blackpool Zoo by wolf compound
  • White with Black .. no chip
  • With Preston Cats Protection  opening hours Mon-Sat 9-6pm only
  • 07922 109933 email

Blackpool FY3

Found August 2012

  • A young DSH female guestimated at under 12mths
  • All Black could have collar mark
  • Has little face and such big eyes
  • Found on Benson Road
    contact: 07708 972217

Layton FY3

RTA found 1 August 2012

  • Subject of fatal RTA
  • A DSH Dark Tortie female wearing an orangey ? coloured collar
  • Quite a bit of Ginger, 2 White back legs and paws and 2 White front paws. Found near St Marks Church in Layton
  • Now with Alpha Vets.. will be kept for 7 days
    contact 01253 393350

Blackpool FY3

Sophie found 20 June 2012

  • An aprox 7yr old DSH female
  • Black with White tummy and chest. Black legs with White patches
  • Found on Grange Road
  • Now with David Wadsworth Veterinary Surgery
contact 01253 357380

Blackpool FY3

C20 found 12 June 2012

  • An aprox 5yr old DSH neutered male with Yellow eyes
  • Black and White with tinge of Brown
  • Being treated for flea allergy
  • Now with David Wadsworth Veterinary Surgery
contact 01253 357380

Victoria Hospital FY3

Diva found August. 2011

  • A DLH Ginger and white with a darker face.
  • Was thought to live nearby at first but it has become more matted dirty and thinner over time so now presumed a stray/lost cat.
  • Not sure of sex as unable to get close enough to check. Seems
    healthy despite the condition of the fur.
  • Visiting residence on Whinney Heys Road
contact: 07957 574852 email

Layton FY3

Found June. 2012

  • A DSH Black and White cat
  • Visiting residence on Layton Road
  • Very Friendly, desperate to get into house.
contact:  07873 180212

Blackpool FY3

Found June. 2012

  • A DSH White cat
  • Seen regularly in the area of Lawson Road Allotments
  • Very Friendly
  • contact email  07811 771774

Blackpool FY3

Found 6 June. 2012

  • A DSH female
  • Tortie / Calico Cat
  • Ginger with Black & White with one quarter of face Black
  • Very underweight.
contact:01253 696956 email

Staining FY3

Found May. 2012

  • A young DSH entire male
  • Tabby and White
  • Persistent, hungry
  • Visiting residence on Staining Road
contact: 01253 882829

Staining FY3

Found April. 2012

  • A mature DSH neutered male
  • White with Black patches
  • Visiting residence on Staining Road
  • Said to have been in the area for quite a while
contact: 01253 882829

Herons Reach FY3

Smithy found 11 May. 2012

  • Smithy a young DSH entire male with Green eyes
  • All Black with small amount of white hair on chest
  • Thin , hungry when found
  • Being harrassed by dogs.. ended up in a tree with a hurt paw
  • No collar no chip
contact: 01253 393064 email

Layton FY3

RTA found 5 May. 2012

  • Subject of fatal RTA
  • A DSH Black cat no collar
  • Found outside no's 149 - 151 St Walburga's Road
  • Had been removed by 11pm
    contact: 01253 305698

Layton FY3

Tiny found May. 2012

  • A small Fluffy cat with Bushy tail
  • Black and White,  4 White paws, White bib, White around nose with Pink nose leather.
  • Found on Sherwood Avenue
    contact: 01253 304445 

Blackpool FY3

RTA Found 7 April. 2012

  • An All Black cat, subject of fatal RTA No collar No chip
  • Found on Forest Gate
  • Taken to Mere Road Vets
  • If you think you are the owner, please get in touch
    contact:  email

Blackpool FY3

Pepsi Found 24 March. 2012

  • Pepsi a DSH male
  • White with Black Splodges and a Black fluffy tail. Dirty and Scruffy
  • Found on Fairfield Avenue
contact:  01253 391281 email

Blackpool FY3

RTA Found 28 March. 2012

  • Fatal RTA  Lynwood Avenue
  • a DSH Black and White cat
  • Wearing collar with 2 bells
  • No chip
  • Collected  2.30pm
  • contact: Customer First 01253 477477

Grange Park FY3

Found 22 March. 2012

  • a DSH Black and White cat
  • Wearing an old Black and White collar
  • Completely off back legs.
  • Found on Cockerham Walk
  • unable to help.. was sadly pts..
contact: 01253 393350

Blackpool FY3

Felix Found January. 2012

  • Felix a DSH male with Green eyes
  • Black and White, White muzzle, White on chest and belly, White mitts at front and White back paws. In good condition
  • Found on Cannock Avenue
contact: 07843 905883  email

Blackpool FY3

RTA Found 16 February. 2012

  • Found on Knowsley Avenue
  • Black / Brown cat
  • No collar / chip
  • Collected 10.15am
  • contact: Customer First 01253 477477

Blackpool FY3

Oliver Found 23 January. 2011

  • Oliver a Fluffy neutered male
  • Black with White markings
  • Thin, grubby
  • Found by Helio's Gym Newton Drive

contact:07432 108500 email

Blackpool FY3
Bubbles found c.January 2012
  • Bubbles guestimated at 4yrs old a Fluffy cat unsure of sex with Green eyes
  • Pure Black, quite small
  • Found on Manchester Road
    Now with fosterer Bubbles has been found to have a few problems after being examined by vet.. she needs her owner...

contact:01253 318316 email

Highfurlong FY3
Sylvester found c.October 2011
  • A DLH male with Yellow eyes
  • Black and White, Head and body Black and White mix, beautiful all Black bushy tail, White back legs with an identical Black splodge on each side about half way down each leg, very visible when you see from back.
  • In good condition very friendly
  • Found on Blackpool Old Road

contact:07817 587632 email

Blackpool FY3
Found January 2012
  • A DSH Entire male
  • Tabby
  • Found on Shenstone Road
    Now with NineLives

contact: 01253 344396

Blackpool FY3
Found 2010
  • A DSH neutered male
  • Black with White paws, bib, lower jaw and top lip underbelly and all 4 paws are White. Some Pink paw pads some Black. Nice temperment
  • No luck so far in finding owners.
  • Found on Worcester Road

contact: 07910 789090   email

Layton FY3
Tigger found December .2011
  • Tigger (chipped) DSH male
  • Tabby and White

contact 01253 344396 email

Blackpool FY3
December .2011
  • Sightings of 2 cats both Tabby with white
  • One on St Ives Avenue, young..very nervous in the proximity of No. 29
  • the other on Condor Grove Big house near corner of Condor and Whitegate drive.. scavenging through bins.

contact:07973 490095

Blackpool FY3
RTA found 1 December.2011
  • Found on Westcliffe Drive
  • White cat with Black/Brown Patch.. no chip no collar
  • Collected 14.00
  • contact: Customer First 01253 477477

Blackpool FY3
RTA found 21 November.2011
  • Found on Newton Drive
  • Black cat.. no chip no collar
  • Collected 13.00am
  • contact: Customer First 01253 477477

Blackpool FY3
RTA found 21 November.2011
  • Found on Newton Drive near Health Centre
  • Ginger and White cat.. no chip no collar
  • Collected 10.30am
  • contact: Customer First 01253 477477

Blackpool FY3
RTA found 17 November.2011
  • Found outside 76 Kipling Drive Blackpool
  • Ginger cat.. no chip no collar
  • Collected 13.00
  • contact: Customer First 01253 477477

Blackpool FY3
found November.2011
  • Tabby tom cat no collar no chip involved in rta on gorse road / westwood avenue FY3 Saturday.
  • Picked up by lady in car, wrapped in blanket and drove away... anyone know anything about this ?
contact:Sue  text 07974 671689

Blackpool FY3
Betsy found 28 October.2011
  • An aprox 3mth old DSH Female
  • All Black. In good condition, friendly, hungry when found on Annesley Avenue
contact: 07890 147243  email

Blackpool FY3
'Fred' RTA found 7 November.2011
  • Found outside 69 Manchester Road
  • subject of fatal RTA
  • White with slight Tabby on back end..
  • Chipped... 4729  contact numbers no longer apply
  • Fred late of 110 Manchester Road... anyone knowing the owners please contact
  • Collected aprox 14.15pm
  • contact: Customer First 01253 477477

Blackpool FY3
RTA found 31 October.2011
  • Found outside 33 Devonshire Road
  • Tabby cat subject of fatal RTA
  • No collar, no Chip
  • Collected 9.45am
  • contact: Customer First 01253 477477

Blackpool FY3
Honey found c.October.2011
  • Honey a 1-2 yr old DSH female
  • Barred Tabby with Black under all paws and unusual pale
    Orange dot on head and Orange stripes on nose and around eyes.White under chin
  • Found at Blackpool Zoo nr Stanley Park
    Now with Cat Rescue
contact: 01253 720357 email

Layton FY3
Henry found c.19 September.2011
  • Henry a DSH entire male
  • White with Tabby
  • Found at Bailey Court
contact: 07786 967964 email

Blackpool FY3
found 30.September.2011
  • A mature DSH neutered male with Yellow eyes
  • All Ginger.. no chip
  • Found on Selbourne Road
contact:  text to 07708 972217

Layton FY3
Found 30.September.2011
  • A young DSH female
  • Black and White.. Black beauty spot on nose
  • Found on Grange Road
contact: 07986 502239

Blackpool FY3
RTA found 30.September.2011
  • Found outisde 18 Knowsley Avenue
  • Sadly deceased victim of RTA
  • A Tabby cat
contact: Customer First 01253 477477

Blackpool FY3
RTA found 29.September.2011
  • Found on Kenwyn Avenue
  • Sadly deceased victim of RTA
  • A large full Mackeral Tabby cat no collar
  • Beautiful cat
contact: 07706 909684

Blackpool FY3
RTA found 22.September.2011
  • Found outside 125 Preston New Road
  • Black & White cat
  • no chip
  • Pink Collar with bell - no details
contact: Customer First 01253 477477

Blackpool FY3
RTA found 19.September.2011
  • Found outside 42 Forest Gate
  • Black cat no collar no chip
contact: Customer First 01253 477477

Blackpool FY3
RTA found 8.August.2011
  • Found on field opposite 109 Poulton Road
  • A Black cat .. with Collar.. No chip
contact: Customer First 01253 477477

Blackpool FY3
found c.30.August.2011
  • A DSH Tortie and White cat
  • Found on Bardsway off Newton Drive
    In situe
contact: 01253 403563 email

Layton FY3
Found c.2.September.2011
  • A DSH female aprox 5+yrs
  • Tabby and White
  • Now with Nine Lives

contact: 01253 344396

Blackpool FY3
Found c.12.Aug.2011
  • A DSH female aprox 5-6mths
  • Black with a couple of White hairs on chest
  • Timid
  • Found on Fordway Avenue

contact: 07961 844922

Blackpool FY3
Found .29.July.2011
  • A DSH Tabby cat
  • aprox 5-10yrs old ,female very thin
  • found on Scorton Avenue
  • poorly with suspected tumor
    Extremely poorly.. the decision was taken to PTS.

contact: 07840 385634

Blackpool FY3
Found .July.2011
  • A DSH Ginger and White cat
  • Been around for aprox 3 weeks
  • Found on Heron Way

contact: 01253 398691

Layton FY3
PoorlyCat Found 5.July.2011
  • Burmese possibly Siamese entire male looks fairly young
  • Small cat creamy beige body, dark brown legs and tail
  • Wearing Black snakeskin collar with metal fish motif..
  • Poorly but hanging in there.. obviously loved and cared for.
    had a bit of fight left in it and welcomed my help and was trying to nuzzle me
  • Found on Newton Drive opposite St.Clements Avenue, adjacent to Birchway Avenue by No.4 Pub.
  • Now with Mere Road Vets
    This cat sadly did not survive

contact:vet 01253 392984 finder : 07773 003898 email

Layton FY3
Fizzle Found 7.June.2011
  • Fizzle a 1 to 2yr old DLH female with Yellow / Orange eyes
  • Black with White very skinny
  • Found by Layton Primary School

contact:07749 427309 email

Blackpool FY3
RTA Found 29.May.2011
c4849 Healey
  • 'Buddy' A DSH young adult male with maybe Yellow eyes
  • Found Poulton road opposite texaco garage on the grass verge:
  • Black and White: Numerous patches of black and white through out the coat. Black fluffy tail.
  • No signs of foul play. Collar was broken.
  • I rang the Milne and Shine vets in poulton and they said they were going to pick the cat up.

contact: 07565 853897 email Vets: 01253 885522

Blackpool FY3
Healey Found .Apr.2011
c4849 Healey
  • A DSH All Black cat
  • Found on Healey Street

contact:  07796 967648

Staining FY3
  • Found on Staining Road
  • Grey cat with Pink Collar
  • Now with Milne & Shine Vets

contact : 01253 885522

Blackpool FY3
'RTA' found 2.May.2011
  • Sadly deceased. A Fluffy haired Grey and White cat..
  • Grey and White tabby or Grey and White splodged and it looked like he was mostly White around his rear end
  • On the banking of St Walburgers Road as you go towards the hospital.
  • Seen at aprox
  • The cat that i saw was on the grass verge on the Grange Park side of the road as you come to wards the hospital a bit before the convent im sorry that i cant be more specific as we were talking and only i saw him as we went past him quite quickly he was curled up on the verge,
    Hope this is some help

contact :MyMoggy


Marton FY3
'Belle' found Apr.2011
  • Belle a DSH cat with Light Green eyes, unsure of sex
  • Black and White : Black and White face, full Black tail, Block of Black down back.
  • Well looked after Very friendly - litter trained.
  • Found on Lawsons Road

contact: 07929 338882 email

Blackpool FY3
Found Feb.2011
  • Found at the Model Village, Stanley Park
  • Been around for a week or so
  • An aprox 10mth old DSH female very friendly
  • White and Tabby

contact:01253 763827

Blackpool FY3
'RTA' found 7.Mar.2011
  • Found outside Victoria Heights.. off newton drive near the allotments opposite the feild that christ the king and st marys is on
  • A sadly deceased Black and White Cat.

Blackpool FY3
Tabby Found Feb.2011
  • An aprox 3-4yr entire male
  • Tabby with White under chin and Brown patch in R. eye.
  • Found on Scorton Avenue

Blackpool FY3
found 18.Feb.2011
  • New to the Forest Gate / Bryan Road block
  • Black fluffy cat wearing Blue collar
  • Anyone know this one ?

contact:07974 671689 email

Layton FY3
'Tegan / RTA' found 7.Jan.2010
  • RTA, nicknamed Tegan . DSH
  • Dark calico / tabby with dark face and White belly. It didn't look very old and I'm not sure if it was wearing a collar. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.
  • In Situe.
    If anyone is or knows of the owner of this cat, please get in touch.

Staining FY3
found c.16.Oct.2010
  • An aprox 12mth old DSH cat no chip or collar
  • Mostly White with some Black
  • Found by the Plough Pub in Staining

contact:01253 884321

Blackpool FY3
'Kitty' found c.3.Nov.2010
  • Kitty a young DSH cat - unsure of age or sex
  • White with Grey / Black patches
  • Found on Manchester Road

contact:07774 081041 email

Blackpool FY3
found c.29 Oct.2010
  • A mature DSH female
  • Black with White chin, paws
  • Found on Carsluith Avenue
  • Now at Charnwood Cattery

contact: 01253 762596 email

Blackpool FY3
'RTA' found 4.Oct.2010

Blackpool FY3
'RTA' found 11.Sept.2010
  • On Whitegate Drive near to the health centre decd when found.
  • a 1-2yr old ? White with Black neutered male. All Black tail
  • Wearing Black Felt collar with bell.
  • Taken to Mere Road Vets.. - no ID

contact:Vets.01253 392984

Normoss FY3
'Steve' found 6.Sept.2010
  • Steve a 3-4mth old DSH entire male with Amber eyes
  • Black and White: Black with White muzzle, White bib, 4 White socks, White band on back leg, White under belly with Black spot in middle.
  • Found at Normoss Garage, Newton Drive

contact: 01253 440153 email

Blackpool FY3
'Tootles' found c.27.May.2010
  • Tootles an aprox 10mth old entire male
  • Black and White
  • Found on Newton Drive
  • Now with Easterleigh

contact:01253 789185 / 01253 305698

Blackpool FY3
Found 12.May.2010
  • A Ginger Neutered male
  • No chip
  • Sadly PTS following attack by dog
  • Found rear Talbot Show Rooms.
  • Body being held by vet - Alpha, layton Road Blackpool for a couple of days.
    contact: 01253 393350

Blackpool FY3
'RTA' found 26.Apr.2010
  • A Black cat sadly decd
  • On Whitegate Drive by Tesco express and Subway
    Owners or Witnesses needed  email   07974 671689

Layton FY3
'Monty' found March 2010
  • A fluffy male with Green eyes
  • All Grey with small ears, shabby and has flea allergy
  • Nervous around people, and not cat friendly
  • Found on Grange Road
    Now with Second Chance Rescue

contact:07708 972217  email

Blackpool FY3
'Tabby' found Dec.2009
  • An average sized DSH cat
  • Tabby no White - Lighter coloured stripes than average
  • Found on Normoss Avenue
    contact : 07930 156133

found Dec.2009
  • A slim Black cat (small face) found in Blackpool
  • Taken to the Rowan Vets Centre in Kirkham 01772 682677

Grange Park FY3
'Dolly' found 7.Oct.2009
  • Dolly a young DSH Calico female.
  • White with Ginger and Black
  • Found on Bathurst Avenue.

contact:01253 391963 email

Blackpool FY3
'Softly' found 26.Sept.2009
  • 'Softly' aprox 1-2yr old DSH cat - unsure of sex. Green / Yellow eyes
  • Smokey Grey and White: Smokey Grey, White chest and paws, Tail looks grey softly striped . Slender
  • In Good condition. Looks young. Very affectionate- greets you when you come through door House cat doesn't like outside world. Loves people.
  • Found at Stanley Park Golf Club.

contact: 07778 589720 email

Blackpool FY3
'RTA' found 3.Oct.2009
  • I had to move a cat that had been hit by car from a busy road today but it was obvious it was someones pet.
  • It was a large black and white cat, quite a lot of white - say 50/50. No collar.
  • I removed it from the road near the roundabout at plymouth road in Layton and placed it in a blanket under a tree.
    contact 07896 797139 email

Blackpool FY3
'RTA' found 3.Sept.09
  • On Poplar Avenue off Forest Gate a small DSH cat
  • All over med/dark Grey - now removed
  • No other information as yet
    If anyone saw this or knows the owners - please contact Moggy

Blackpool FY3
'Tega' found 21st Aug.2009
  • 'Tega' a DSH cat unsure of age or sex
  • Grey and White . Wearing a collar with bell
  • Cannot get close enough to see what condition the cat is in.
    it is very scared.
  • Found on Whitegate Drive
    contact: 01253 766115 email

Blackpool FY3
'Tigger' found Aug.2009
  • 'Tigger' aprox 2yrs old entire DSH male with Green eyes
  • Marbled Tabby markings of Browns and Black, he has a White chest and nose. His two front paws are tipped White, he has one back leg which is White, the other back leg is half White.
  • He is in quite good condition, extremely friendly.
  • Found in the region of Delaware Road
  • Owners or new home neeeded.

contact: 07887 995970 email

Blackpool FY3
New to the Block 31st Jul.2009
  • Black cat wearing Blue collar with Bell,
  • Going up Maple avenue towards Brian Road
  • Looked in superb condition
  • If you are the owner, or know the owner please let me know
    01253 305698
    Anyone in the area seeing this cat - please get in touch

Blackpool FY3
New to the Block Jul. 2009
  • A Silver Tabby - seems to be unneutered male ?
  • Seen on the Bryan Road / Forest Gate block from time to time
  • Is this a stray - If anyone knows of an owner or if you are the owner - please let us know
    contact: 01253 305698 email

Layton FY3
'Minstral' found c.October 2008
  • Minstral an adult cat
  • Found in the area of Brooklyn Avenue
  • White with Black tail, Black spots on back, half white / half black face.
  • Eating well though has developed a limp.- rather nervous
    contact: 01253 302352

Blackpool FY3
'Ginger' found circa January 2009
  • 'Ginger' been around aprox 5mths
  • Found in the area of Briercliffe Avenue
  • A Ginger and White cat
    contact: 01253 664387 email

Blackpool FY3
'Sydney' found 13may09
  • Found in the area of Tarnbrook Drvie.. a DSH female
  • Ginger and White. Extremely thin, possible kidney problem.
    contact: 01253 300602

Blackpool FY3
'Big Al aka Scarface' found Mar.2009
  • Found in the area of Ascot road No.3 Pub. Newton Drive.
  • An approx 7years old battered White / Greyey Black unneutered  boy
    contact: 01253 344396

Blackpool FY3
'Jackson' c.Feb.2009
  • New to the block..
  • A neutered male in good condition visiting a garden in Dinmore Avenue
  • All Black with White flash on chest
  • Do you recognise this cat - if so please get in touch.
Contact: email

Staining FY3
'Persian' Dec.2008
  • A light Ginger (apricot) persian has been seen wandering the fields between Staining and Marton Mere
  • Everyones help is needed in keeping a lookout for this cat - apparently it is in some distress.
    Contact - email  or text to 07974 671689

Blackpool FY3
New to the Block Dec.2008
  • A Black cat with White tip to the tail and White paws - distinctive White patch in the centre of the back
  • Seen on the Bryan Road / Forest Gate / Mere Road blocks
  • Is this a stray - If anyone knows of an owner or if you are the owner - please let us know

contact: 01253 305698 email

Blackpool FY3
'Tabs' found Nov.2008
  • Visiting a garden in Ramsay Avenue for food, heads off afterwards in the direction of Layton Cemetery.
  • Tabby - no White

contact: 01253 317636

Layton FY3
'Oscar' found c.July.2008
  • Found in the area of Larbreck Avenue..
  • An all Black male apart from a White spot around the neck area.
  • Has flea allergy

contact: email

Blackpool FY3
'Charlie' found c. February 2008
  • Found in the Brooklyn Avenue area FY3
  • Aprox. 3-4yr old DSH with Yellow / Green eyes
  • He is mostly white with black patches and a black tail very scruffy uneutered male
  • I have been feeding him but cannot catch him although I managed to stroke his head today, he is very scared. Not thin as I have been feeding him. I usually see him in a morning when he comes for food
contact: 07505 402297 email