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Cats Found in the 'BR' postal area

Bromley BR1
Perry found 9 October 2014
  • A Fluffy cat
  • Black with White
  • Found on Galahad Road
contact : 02034 892894

Bromley BR1
Shanta found 10 March 2012
  • Shanta a 3-5yr old DSH neutered male with Yellow eyes
  • Black on top. White bell one White paw one Black
  • Found on Bracken Hill Lane
contact : O2083 251174 email

Bromley BR5
Oscar found 1 March 2012
  • Oscar a young DLH  / Fluffy male with Amber eyes
  • Cream.. (Light Ginger) with White chest tummy and paws.
  • Managed to put collar on with finder details
  • Visiting garden on Southborough Lane

contact:07931 597170   email

Orpington BR5
Kitty found 11 February 2012
  • Kitty an aprox 4yr old DSH male female with Yellow / Green eyes
  • Black and White: White boots, chin, chest and Belly
  • Very thin when found, with ticks and fleas.. doing well
  • Found on Chipperfield Road

    A forever home will be needed for Kitty
    if the search for her owner fails.

contact:Tel:07834 355277 email

Beckenham BR3
'Sunday' found 6.November 2011
  • Sunday a young adult female with Yellow eyes
  • Tabby : Brown with Black stripes, small White marking under chin
  • Found in a neighbours garden. on Kingfisher Way
  • Possibly been trapped in his shed

contact:Tel: 07562 767900 email

Green Street Green BR6
'Moggy' found 6.August 2011
  • Moggy a Senior DSH cat with Yellow eyes
  • Black with White paws and a little White on chest
  • In poor conditions, but extremely friendly.
    Not sure if cat is old or just under weight.

contact:Tel: 07985477238 email

A21 BR6
RIP 'Beauty' found 20.June 2011
  • Fatal RTA. Found along the A21, Sevenoaks road, Kent BR6
  • DSH female
  • Black - Possibly pregnant or recently had a litter
  • Being held at Andersons Veterinary,
    28 Station road, Orpington, BR6., until Wednesday the 29th June 2011.

contact:Tel:01689 822607 email

West Wickham BR4
'Rainbow' found c.Nov.2010
  • Rainbow a young adult DSH female with Green eyes
  • Dark Tortie unusual multi colour markings. Very thick coat mostly Black with Ginger flecks , throat / chest : White, paws : White and Ginger, face : Black, Ginger and White. Small plump and round.
  • In beautiful condition having just been checked by vet.

contact: 02082 896257 email

Bromley BR2
'Bukshie' found 29.May.2010
  • Bukshie an aprox 5-10yr old DSH female with Amber / Green eyes
  • Black with White: Black on top of coat, mainly White lower coat, Black hood on face, lower face White.
  • Scruffy, low teats, no collar, lethargic.
  • Found on Balfour Road.

contact: 07703 103470 email

Beckenham BR3
'Lesley' found 27.Mar.2010
  • Lesley a young (less than 6mths) DSH female
  • Tortoiseshell - no White.
  • In good condition
  • Found on Hazelhurst
  • Now with Foxgrove Road Vet Surgery
    contact: 02084 023992

Beckenham BR3
'Becks' found 6.Jan.2010
  • 'Becks'  a White and Black DSH cat unsure of sex or age
  • Predominantely white but with lots of black markings/patches.
  • Found in neighbours garage he had been away for two weeks so the poor cat has been locked up for that period -
  • considering this the condition was pretty good. obviously underweight and had a weepy eye but he/she was alert.
  • Found - Stumps Hill Lane, taken to Foxgrove Vets in Beckenham after contacting the RSPCA
    contact: 07799 640790  vet - 02086 502003

Bromley BR2
'Dave' found Dec.2009
  • 'Dave' a very skinny sick little Tortoise shell female cat in Sandford Road
  • I took her to Laurel's vet surgery when I found her in case she had a chip or anything which she doesnt have.. I found out that Dave (we named her before we knew she was a girl) is over ten at least, had fleas, cat flu and has an over active thyroid and so is on medication every day.
  • I did go back to the vets and take her home so she had somewhere over xmas and since living with me she has had the best of everything and has out on some weight.
  • I would really like to find her true owner but I am going to have to take her to a rescue centre.

contact: email

Bromley BR2
'La La' found 27.Sept.2009
  • La La a young adult DSH female with Green eyes
  • Grey: General tabby markings, Black feet, Black stripe down her back.
  • In good condition, looks fairly well fed.
  • In front garden at Whitebeam Avenue..
    contact: 02084 022342 email

Chislehurst BR8
'Ruddie' found 31st October 2008
  • 'Ruddie' found in the area of Kemnal Road
  • A 2/3yr old (fully grown) DSH male
  • Ginger with a very slight white shading under chin - would describe as all ginger though
  • Very friendly handsome ginger cat, very distressed and hungry. I have other cats and he sneaked in approx (31/10/08) and eat their food and now he won't leave. He is constantly at my window wanting to come into the warm.
  • I did notice him around our area weeks before looking very skinny, he may have been missing/lost for some time.
  • Please contact asap if you think he might be your cat as I cannot keep him and I am making every attempt to get him homed or for a shelter to take him.
    contact: 07508 348046 email

Beckenham BR3
'Tortie' found Aug.2007
  • A DSH Tortie cat with Green eyes
  • found in Beckenham
  • Looked underfed

contact: 07886 731547 email

Bromely BR1
RTA 12th Aug.2006
  • I am anxious to contact the owners of a missing black cat in the North Bromley area.
  • Myself and my partner were involved in a road accident with a black cat on Farwig Lane in Bromley on Saturday 12th August. The cat did not survive the accident, and we were both very distressed about it.
  • As it was late at night and the cat had no collar, we called the Bromley police and arranged for someone to come out and pick it up. Unfortunately the police did advise us that because it was a cat instead of a dog, they would not keep a record of the incident so that the owners could be informed if they rang the police reporting their missing cat. I am at a loss as to how to inform the owners sensitively, as I do not like to think of someone wondering what has happened to their pet, and never knowing. I am quite sure it was somebody's pet rather than a stray, because although it had no collar, it looked very well cared for. If you think this is your cat - I am so sorry - I have pets myself and my heart breaks for you. If it is any comfort, I am sure your cat died instantly and didn't suffer at all.

West Wickham
May 2005

  • A Ginger Cat with White tip to its tail, has recently hitched a lift via a removal van which operates with 'Central Furniture' out of the old West Wickham Fire Station.
  • The cat flew out of the Delivery van on arrival at its destination in Petts Wood.
    The cat has since been seen in the Petts Wood area
  • The owners of the removal company are trying their best to keep tabs on the cat therefore if anyone has further sightings of this cat would you please keep us informed

    Update Jun.05
    Important Please look at this entry we are all hoping that this is one and the

Please report any found cats
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