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Cats found in the 'BN' Postal area

Lewes BN7
Ginger found 23.August.2014
  • An aprox 1yr old DSH male
  • Ginger with White whiskers
  • Found in Sun Street  now with Denton Cat Rescue
  • contact: 01273 517036

Hove BN43
Squeaky found 22.January.2014
  • an aprox 1yr old male Sphynx or Devon Rex
  • Grey .. healthy
    Positive ID needed

contact 01273 711150   email

Shoreham by Sea BN43
Tabs found 25.December.2011
  • Tabs an aprox 1yr old DSH cat
  • Tabby - seems to have stripes on tail.. nice looking cat very nervous
  • In situe, somewhere in the garden on Mill Hill

contact 01273 454993 email

Eastbourne BN21
'Heloise' found 24.Sept.2010
  • Heloise a DSH female..age unknown
  • Tabby cat
  • Found in Camden Road
  • Known to have lived in Camden Road until the owners moved several months ago - and appears to have returned to her old home.

contact 07803 722541 email

Durrington BN13
'Ginger' found 2009
  • 'Ginger' around 5+ yrs old neutered male
  • Ginger..
  • Undernourished when found in Durrington
    contact: 01903 690639 email

BN14 nr Wiston
'Bebo' RTA found 3.Dec.2009
  • 'Bebo' a DSH male no collar no chip
  • Ginger Tabby cat
  • Found due to rta injured ginger tabby cat alive and well in vets
  • Waiting for owner found on Steyning bypass near Wiston , cat at vets in Storrington doing well
    contact: 0776 2292079 email

A275 Resting Oak Hill
'Big Puss' found 26th Jul.2009
  • 'Big Puss'  aprox. 2-6year old DSH Entire male
  • Ginger with White markings :Looked well fed
  • Found at Resting Oak Hill A275 near South Chailey, I have taken the cat to the vet who is keeping him for 7 days just in case we can find the owner
  • Local neighbours to where I found the cat didn't know the owner Not microchipped
    Contact:07909970195 email

Bramber BN44
'Puss' found 3rd Jul.2009
  • 'Puss' an adult female with Blue eyes
  • Birman, Seal Point: Cream, well marked with white gloves and gauntlets.
  • In good condition, but not microchipped or wearing a collar
  • Found at Old Tollgate Hotel in Bramber
    Was out for 5 days in all weathers, so I took her home
    contact: 01903 814643 email

Shoreham BN43
'Suzanne' found May.2009
  • 'Suzanne' an aprox. 1yr old DSH female with Green eyes
  • Black and White: White bib and paws, and White blob on nose
  • Found in the area of Woodview

contact: 01273 455968 email

Shoreham BN43
'RTA' found 30th Apr.2009
  • On the Upper Shoreham Road A270 at 11pm
  • A DSH Ginger and White cat. No Collar
    contact: 07778 505473

Eastbourne BN21
'RTA' 16th Apr.2009
  • We saw a poor puss by the train today 16/4 near Eastbourne
    It did not look badly marked so could have been killed on the track.
  • Black and white short haired cat laying by the side of the railway line with its face curled up so could not identify markings. Thick coat quite a largish cat.
  • Just before the Q used car place and Ashford Square coming from Lewes.
  • It was definately not just sleeping as still there on the way back a few hours later.
    contact: email

Moulsecoomb BN2
'Audry' found 5th Feb.2009
  • Audry a DLH female with mottled Brown eyes
  • Tortoiseshell with left crinkled ear, Ginger patch on chin, very shy
  • Was very dirty and thin, been feeding her so she's picking up. Doesn't like being indoors.
  • Found in the area of Hillside..

contact: email