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" BD "

Bradford BD5
RTA found 13 May 2014
  • Subject of Fatal RTA
  • A DSH Black cat (patch of fur missing from right front paw)
  • Female aprox 15 - 18mths
  • Found on Little Horton Lane
  • Will be taken to Sage Vets , Low Moor
  • contact: 07523 927946  email

Bradford BD5
RTA found 30 April 2014
  • Subject of Fatal RTA
  • A fluffy White cat with Dark patches
  • Found on Little Horton Lane leading out of Bradford between Freshfare and the road crossing
  • Photo's held 07974 671689  email

Bradford BD
Sooty Found April 2013

Cullingworth BD13
Found 11 May 2012
  • A DSH Male with Green eyes
  • All Black with few White hairs on chest
  • Found on Lees Close
  • contact : 01535 273439 / 07922102550 email

Cross HIlls BD20
Tyger found 26 March 2012
  • An aprox 8yr + neutered male
  • Ginger and white
  • Found in the area of Park Road
  • Being fostered by rescue centre
  • contact: 01535 632608

Laycock BD22
Angel found 28 October 2011
  • An aprox 3yr old DSH female with Green eyes
  • Chintz / Calico Tortie. lots of White, White legs and tummy
  • In good condition
  • contact: 07892 332737

Bradford BD7
found 28 October 2011
  • Tabby and White cat, White face and bib and White legs.
  • Finder has been feeding for 2/3wks
  • Found Great Horton Road
  • contact: 07842 022786  

Bradford BD7
'Skinny' found 26 October 2011
  • Skinny a young DSH cat - unsure of sex
  • Black and White: Black tail and back, Black forehead with White cheeks and mouth and little Pink nose.
  • Found Warrenton Place
  • contact:01274 504309  email

Bradford BD7
'Max' found c.6 August 2011
  • Max a young adult DSH male
  • White with Black markings and Black nose
  • He just stays around outside my house day and night, always hungry, very lovable but extremely nervous.
  • Visiting residence on Warrenton Place

contact:01274 504309  email

Crossflatts BD16
'Smudge' found 11.June.2011
  • Smudge an aprox 18mth old DSH female with Green eyes
  • White with black splodges and black splodge on nose
  • very friendly female cat good condition, not neutered and not chipped no id.
  • Found on Kings Road
  • Now in the care of Allerton Cat Rescue

contact: 07804 039485 email

Bradford BD4
'Pudsey' found 2.Apr.2011
  • Pudsey a young DSH female
  • Tabby and White
  • Found on Tong Lane
  • contact: 07790 378042 email

Wrose BD18
'Blackie' found Nov.2010
  • Blackie a small long haired cat, age and sex unknown
  • Black
  • Cries and runs up to you as if lost. seen a few weeks, could be longer, no collar , wont let you get very near, timid

contact:07748 484772 email

Bradford BD8
'Sylvester4now' found 1.May.2010
  • Sylvester4 now estimated at 2-3yrs old. A long haired entire male with Green eyes
  • Black and White, Black mask over both eyes, most Black on top with White undercarriage, Large White paws, Black tail, half ear Black and half White on both ears, Pink nose and Pink mouth - looks a little like 'Sylvester'
  • Vet's nurse said unneutered but there is no smell of tom cat.
  • As he has been around for a couple of months his fur is now quite matted - very friendly though
  • Found on Allerton Road

contact: 07939 446580 email

Wilsden BD15
'Thomas' found Jan.2010
  • Thomas maybe 3-4yrs old . Long haired Tabby neutered male with Greeny Yellow eyes
  • Ginger: Whitish mouth area, Pink lips, Black spot on nose
  • Fairly clean. Big paws
  • Found on Royd Street

contact: 01535 275659 email

Eccleshill BD2
'Magnus' found 1Dec.2009
  • 'Magnus' a 2/3yr old DSH male with Brown eyes
  • Black with White markings - White lower jaw, heart shaped White marking on chest, White markings on stomach, White boots on back legs and White mittens on front legs
  • In Good condition not microchipped.

contact: 01274 640157 email

Crossflatts BD16
'RTA' found 28.Dec.2009
  • A DSH Black and White cat
  • Left on verge of road opposite Moorview Garage on Bradford Rd.
    contact: 01536 273439

Gomersal BD19
'Biddy' found 23.Nov.2009
  • 'Biddy' around 5-7mths DSH female with Green / Yellow eyes
  • White with Black Patches: :Black mask on head, body White with 3 Black spots, White legs / paws and a full Black tail
  • Looks very young, good health, female, not spayed i think, very tame / friendly.
  • Found on Latham Lane..
    Contact: 01274 684377 / 07970 258668

Lidget Green BD7
'Timmy' found late May 2009
  • 'Timmy' around 3yr old DSH entire male with Green eyes
  • Grey Tabby: Smokey Grey Tabby
  • In good condition, just a bit under weight..he is very obviously not neutered
  • Found in the neighbourhood of Lidget Green..
    01274504309 email

Sutton in Craven BD20
'Basil' found 1.Sept.2009
  • Basil an aprox.1-2yr old neutered DSH male with Amber eyes
  • Classic 'Ginger' cat, strong white markings very long fluffy tail
  • Good condition, don't think he's been missing too long.
  • Found on Ellers Road..

contact: 01535 636360 email

Keighley BD22
'Lady' found17th Jun.2009
  • A young White and Tabby cat sex unknown
  • In Reasonable condition
  • Found in the area of Hebden Road.
    contact: 01535 645956

Gilstead BD16
'RTA'  12th Jun.2009
  • A black and white cat was run over on Ferncliffe road Gilstead Bingley
  • It was covered up by a member of the public and later collected by the council
  • I have been told that it had a white chest and it looked like an older full sized cat

Keighley BD22
  • A long haired (Fluffy) neutered male
  • Tabby cat - Tan on ears and nose
  • Found in the area of Westburn Avenue
    contact: 01535 669683

Shipley BD18
Found Nov.2008
  • Outside Asda Store, Manor Lane, Shipley
  • Black cat with tiny bit of white on chest seen for past two weeks, extremely
  • Hungry. cries and runs after people
    contact: email

East Morton BD20
'Cat' found 29th Aug.2008
  • 'Cat' found in the East Morton area
  • A young DSH female with Green eyes
  • White with Black patches on ears, Black tail, Black patches on feet.
  • She wears a pink diamante collar. We have checked with a vet but she is not microchipped and has no ID tag. If you could post these pics on your website hopefully her owner will come forward
contact: 01535 669090 email

Blackhill BD21
'Charles' found Apr.2008
  • Charles an entire DLH tom cat found in the area of Raynham Crescent..
  • Black and White long haired with White bib and face and Fluffy Black tail. Very vocal and battle scarred.
  • Coming and going in my area, I am feeding him regularly and have had him to the vet to check his health and if he's microchipped - which he isnt.

contact : 01535 676248 email

Eccleshill BD2
'Missy' Found 13th Mar.2008
  • A Tortie / Tabby cat aprox 4-8yrs old found in Eccleshill..
  • A very pretty cat which has tortoishell markings -
    mainly ginger/black/brown with white flashes and Green eyes
    Quite thin and acts a little dazed! We presume it's a she as
    it's very dainty and pretty. Very friendly but has a short temper - grumbles when she's had enough.
  • Followed us home from Morrisons Complex at Eccleshill,
    This cat is now with us, (Haworth Cat Rescue) we've advertised her locally to no avail and she is looking for a home.  She is a lot older than estimated on your page (our vet thinks around 15) and she has a bald patch where a collar has been.  She is known as Tallulah here (our ref: 77/08).
contact: 01535 647184 email

Silsden BD20
RTA 8th Mar.2008
  • Dead cat seen on grass verge on Holden Lane, Silsden
  • Young black cat, white paws from the shins down. 
  • Cat remains on verge.
    contact: 01535 665678 email

Bradford BD4
'Lovely Tabby' found 16th Sept.2007
  • Found on Sticker Lane, Bradford BD4. Just inside the virgin media carpark.
  • Taken to the PDSA on wakefield Road
  • A Lovely DSH Tabby sadly had been hit by a car, was deceased when found.
    contact: 07843 578826 email

Cross Roads BD22
'Larry' found early Jul.2006
  • 'Larry' found early July a middle aged ? DSH male
  • Black apart from tiny spot of white on tummy and a few white
    hairs. Tiny nick in one ear.
  • One-eyed (missing right eye has been surgically dealt with)
  • Eye colour :greenish
  • Very good Condition - has been checked over by vet and given thumbs up.  Slightly nervy (especially with our smallest child!) but otherwise extremely affectionate.
    Contact: 01535 647130 email

Wibsey BD6
'Wibsey' found June 2006
  • An all White Cat with Blue eyes aprox.3yrs old found in the Torre Grove area of Wibsey, Bradford.
  • 'Sleeps in my back garden - unfortunately cannot bring it in the house my mother is allergic to cats - roams the area during the day'
    contact: 01274 603836 email

Oakworth BD22
RTA 16th June.2006
  • A Tortie cat, victim of a traffic accident, found outside no 105 Goose Cote Lane, Oakworth.
  • Possibility of this being a cat missing from Damens Lane in Oakworth since June 9th.
  • More information required - if anyone witnessed or saw the cat, please get in touch with MyMoggy

" BD "