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Accrington BB5
RTA Found January 2015
  • Found on Willows Lane
  • a young adult DSH female
  • Black and White
  • Now with RSPCA Lancashire East
  • Contact numbers :07922 109933
  • Photo's held

Rishton BB1
RTA Ginger found  November 2014
  • Fatal RTA
  • A DSH Ginger and White cat - unsure of sex
  • Found On slip road off junction 6 of the west-bound carriageway of the M65, in between the motorway and the Whitebirk roundabout, Blackburn.
  • Now with RSPCA Lancashire East at Altham.
  • Contact numbers :07922 109933
  • Photo's held

Accrington BB5
Sally found  July 2014
  • A young DSH female with Green / Yellow eyes
  • Classic Dark Tortie Damaged left ear , thin.
  • Found on Broadway by Salvation Army shop
  • contact:  07922109933 email
  • more

Intack BB1
Found  November 2013
  • A DSH Black and White entire male..
  • Mostly Black with a White muzzle and White tips to front paws
  • Wearing collar when found deceased off St Ives Road
  • Now with Daisy Street Vets
  • contact: 07922109933  email
  • Photo held

Barrowford BB9
Found  November 2013
  • A young DSH White with Ginger cat
  • contact: 07922109933 email
  • more

Barley BB12
Dotty found  c. July 2013
  • Dotty  a DSH Black and White cat with fluffy tail
  • Found visiting residents on Narrowgates
  • email
  • more

Darwen BB3
RTA Found  26 August 2013
  • Fatal RTA, Blackburn Road, Darwen.
  • All-grey female cat, medium-sized, possibly pregnant.
  • Body of this unfortunate puss being held at RSPCA East Lancs.
  • 01254 231118

Clitheroe BB7
RTA Found  21 July 2013
  • A DSH Dark Tortie cat
  • on the verge opposite the entrance to Cheetall Farm on Edisford Road
  • Photo held
  • contact 07974 671689

Colne BB8
Orange Peel Found  c.30 January 2012
  • An adult Ginger cat
  • Victim of Fatal RTA
  • In situe
  • North Valley Road, Colne near a garage across road from Matalan
    contact: email

Colne BB8
Orange Peel Found  c.30 January 2012
  • Orange Peel a DSH young entire male aprox 6mths old
  • Ginger
  • Found in the Skipton / Bath St area

contact: email

Darwen BB3
Gyles found 13 December.2011
  • Gyles a DSH cat
  • Calico type tabby markings , Ginger / White / Black - white to front and belly
    and back paws
  • Found on Tockholes Road

contact : 01254 761219 email

Darwen BB3
Kitty found c.3 November.2011
  • Kitty a young DSH cat sex unknown
  • Ginger
  • Found on Marsh House Lane

contact :01254701582 email

Burnley BB12
Snowy found c.November.2011
  • Snowy a DSH (male ?)
  • Pure White
  • He was very thin when found,i am feeding him and he is looking more healthy now, not able to check whether he is neutered, he wont let me near him.
  • Found on Grizedale Drive

contact :07999 641170 email

Burnley BB11
'RTA' found 21.September.2011
  • Fatal RTA on Coal Clough Lane
  • An All Black young DSH female recently spayed
  • With finder

contact : 01282 454904 email

'RTA' found 21.Apr.2011
  • RTA at the side of the road in the Pleckgate / Brownhill area
  • Near Browhill roundabout on the Knowles Arms side
  • A Black and White cat

contact : 07818 189771 email

Blacko BB9
'Pickles' found 11.Jan.2011
  • Pickles a DLH neutered male with Amber eyes
  • Black and White : Distinctive pattern. White front legs, White socks rear legs
  • Top of one ear missing.
  • Found on Springfield

contact: 07710595723   email

Bexenden BB5
'Moggy' found Jan.2011
  • Moggy an aprox 2yr old
  • Tabby and White with touch of Ginger
  • Found on Manchester Road

Darwen BB3
'Lucky' found Jan.2010
  • Lucky an aprox 10yr old Fluffy female
  • Black and White
  • Found on Priory Grange

contact: 07875 353417 email

Haslingden BB4
'Bartholomew' found Mar.2010
  • Bartholomew a neutered and chipped male
  • Striped Tabby and White
  • Wearing a 'pinkish' collar (could be faded red, purple etc..) when found
  • Chipped but not registered..

contact: 07708 972217 email

Clitheroe BB7
'BeBe' found 14.Mar.2010
  • BeBe a long haired cat with Green eyes
  • Black, shines dark Brown: Black chin, White face, 4 White paws, Black coat, 2 Black front legs, long whiskers, quite thin and young.
  • Found on Railway View Road

Barnoldswick BB18
'Cinders' found 10.Feb.2010
  • Cinders an aprox 6-8mth old DSH female with Brownish eyes
  • White , Black and Ginger.
  • In very good condition, took it to the vets to have a look at it, everything seems okay
  • Found in the area of Gisburn Road and Melville Ave.
    contact: 01282 815071 email

Barrowford BB9
'Hobo' found 1.Feb.2010
  • Hobo a young adult ? DSH cat with Yellow / Green eyes
  • Ginger all over with Dark Ginger tabby markings
  • In good condition
  • Wandering between The Fold and Holt Sqaure Barrowford

contact:01282 698807 email

Accrington BB5
'Cheeky' found 24th Jul.2009
  • 'Cheeky' aprox. 6mth old DSH male with Orange eyes
  • All Black with Bushy tail
  • In good condition
  • Found in the area of Meadoway
    contact: email

Clitheroe BB7
'Max' found 17th Jun.2009
  • Found in the area of Mearley Syke / Shawbridge Street,
  • A young adult entire male with Green eyes
  • Black and White: Black face with small White patch under nose. White
    whiskers. White chest. White feet & legs with black patches.
  • Very friendly, good with children. In fairly good condition despite being obviously lost for a while.

contact: 07985 370911 email

Blacko BB9
'Jessie' Found 17th May.2009
  • 'Jessie' aprox. 18mths old DSH female with Green eyes
  • Tortie: White, Brown, Black  a slim cat.
  • Pregnant !
  • Found in the area of Springfield
contact: 07710 595723 email

Kibble Bank BB10
'Moggy' found April 2009
  • A young adult entire DSH Tabby cat in the area
  • Has been around for aprox. 4 months
  • Making a general nuisance of himself
    contact: 07549 254844 email

Darwen BB3
'Tabby Cat' found 1st Mar.2009
  • 'Tabby Cat' aprox.9mths old a DSH female with Green eyes
  • Brown. Tabby markings, young looking.
  • Healthy and Friendly
  • Found at Milking Lane, Darwen
  • Now with 'Moggies' of Darwen

contact: 01254 708171 email

Clitheroe BB7
'Cinder' found 12th Feb.2009
  • 'Cinder'  a youngish DSH neutered male with Green eyes
  • Tabby: Thin stripes large tabby with Thick stripe running down spine. White on under jaw only.Very soft fur.
    Long nose and close set eyes with Browney almost Chocolate colour fur on end of nose.(almost Siamese/Oriental look in the shape of face) very quiet squeaky meoew.extremely laid back and docile nature, but paces restlessly when hungry.
  • Found in the area of Salthill Road..

contact: 07707 384622

Found May/June 2007
  • 'Tom', a DSH male. Ginger and White 3 legged cat
  • Chipped and registered to the Burnley area
  • Any information please to MyMoggy